Antrock's helmet?


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I think this is who sold Foxbatkiller his helmet. If so shoot me a PM, i woudl like one.

I am in the market for a "normal" sized helmet. Anyone have any good leads for about 1 bill?
I hear ya brother. I've got a deal in the works for a trade but otherwise Antrock would be my next choice. It's a great deal.

I would run a search for Antrock and PM him as I'm not sure how often he visits the boards.

On that note, what do you mean by normal size? Is that a Rubies you're wearing or do you have a big bucket and want something more 95-ish? Just curious.
nope, its a 200? jango fett rubies helmet....its big enough, but i want somethign with more room, boy do i love to stuff electronics in there!!! :)
Antrock made a duplicate set of molds from the helmet I made(with permission). He was doing them for a while, when I was too busy. I'm not sure if he checks here anymore, or not. Anyway, I have two kits available if anyone's interested.
And by the way, it's NOT a DP recast. If there's anyone out there that's had them both together, I'm sure they noticed the difference. ;)
I have one of these and it is a great helmet!I don't know how it would work for Boba but for Jango it is PERFECT!
Even with a dent, it wouldn't be correct for a Boba helmet. Many of the details are specificly Jango. Antrock did a couple as Boba helmets, and they looked great when they were all done, but someone who knows the differences would notice them. For a Boba helmet, I'd recomend looking for a DP delux. Sorry guys.
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