Another ZIA update

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Well.. it's not like you have to give up Zamming forever...

Leave the kiddies at Grandma's (or other assorted relatives/friends for the weekend...) That's how you do far away cons! I'm tellin' ya! :D SW Celebration is one thing (very family oriented) but most cons aren't so family oriented IMHO.
Yep, gotta hate d'c for that reason. Here's pics of us at shoreleave yesterday - non zamming stuff though. We won 2 plaques altogether. Tatertot won one in the young scifi fan division :) And our skit won 3rd in scifi. :)

Zam I Am

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Good news Yvonne. that's great. Hope the second one is half as cute as the first :)
I hope the second is AS cute as the first. ;)

OoooooooooooooOOOOo Congratulations!!!!!!!! Another Lil baby Zammer on the way!
Hopefully it's a little chick, but whatever God graces us with.

quite the handsome little stargater!
Hehe, actually the stargate pic throws people off. Battlestar Galactica and Stargate have similar gear. We're actually in Battlestar Galactica gear. This is an old shot without upgrades, but I am supposed to resemble cylon Sharon valeri. "Boomer" and Tatertot's our halfbreed. :lol:


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actually the picture of the stargate did throw me off...but is is a handsome dude non-the-less....;)