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I talked to Yvonne (Zam I Am) tonight, and she wanted everyone to know that she misses everyone, but hasn't been able to spend much time online. Her little "bundle of joy" made for a very sick mommy in the first trimester, and isn't being nicer as they roll into the second.. So, hopefully things will start to settle down a little bit for her and we'll see her again soon. I just wanted to give you all that update for her!! So, please send as many tummy settling thoughts as you can her way!!!
Will do.... :) Thanks for the update... I was getting worried about her! I'm glad she's doing okay - even if she isn't feeling very well right now. :( Hopefully that will pass as she gets a little further along in the pregnancy. All I can say is that it won't last forever and its all worth it in the end! :D
Oh, I know exactly what you are going thru, Zia! I just started my third tri and it's awful :( But our little ones are worth it in the end! Just rest and take it easy and good things for you and your family.

finally, some of the all-day (totally incorrectly deemed morning sickness) nausia has decreased, but I got a really bad cold. I am technically at 16 weeks right now! I really popped out this past week... 1 more month and I will know if it's a boy or a girl, and no-- no twins LOL.
Ahhh yes.... the inaptly named "morning sickness" ;) Hah! I was nauseous for the whole 10 months! (40 weeks means 10 months in my book!) Glad to hear you're doing better in that department... now just get over that cold! BTW - you're not gonna believe how BIG you're gonna get! *mwhaahahahaa!*

:D But it's all worth it in the end... you're going to have a beautiful baby! :D :D
I am doing better now that I am in second trimester, in fact I get to find out if my youngling is a boy or girl today!!! woohoo!!! unless, it decides to hide.
You'll definately have to post when you find out!
Hopefully the baby will reveal itself for you!
Cool! :D :D

Though... if you're little one is anything like mine was... they won't let you know! ;) On the other hand ... it's gonna be a boy... or a girl! Or maybeone of each? ;) *just teasing!*

Sending prayers your way today Yvonne! :D
Bwhahaha, my little rascal was showing all his goods! The tatertot is a rooster! (Chinese year of the chicken) :lol: Yep, he was kickin on the monitor, and I was like... I felt that!!! We have several sonograms, but too tired to post em up right now. Will do sometime later :D
Grats there partner in crime. :cheers

I just wish we knew what ours was gonna be. It wouldn't ever turn right on the ultrasound. Guess we find out in June.

What time is the stork coming?

No one mentioned that ? ? ?

Gosh! I am crushed! My whole world is crushed!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
August 26th, so you all can imagine, This will totally be us at c3 :lol: (pic courtesy of my friend Everett)
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ROTFL.... That pic is just too funny! :D :D :D *Hmmm... what will Jango think? ;) *

Congrats Yvonne and Hubby on that beautiful ... erm... handsome ... baby boy in the making! :D
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