Am I tall enough to be boba fett?


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Heres a pic of me with the man himself and his wife Maureen. I bent down a bit when Maureen put her arm on my shoulder. I'm 5'11". (yea, I had ta show off this pick at some point :))



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i'm taller than all of you.

i'm probably an awkward Boba, but like everyone says. whatever

now, Vader and Chewbacca, I gotta get rolling on those once I am "finished" :lol:

oh, most importantly, 6' 4.5", yeah. tall


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I read somewhere here before that JB was around 6' - 6'1" when he played Boba. This coresponds with all official character profiles I've read about Boba, which list him as being 183cm tall.

This sounds perfect for me since I'm 6'1" and a slim build but whenever I watch the movies Boba always seems really short to me. Maybe ist just me I guess but I always thought of boba as a short guy.


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Well guys.
I'm a LOT short to be Boba, BUT it isn't stopping me trying.
Hell at 5'6" I'm only about qualified to be an ewok! (j/k)

I know it's not there yet - stilla long way to go (so I play at customs for now)

But I don't think I look to bad.



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I'd like to point out that Temuera Morrison, the actor who played Jango Fett, is 5 ft 8'. Boba Fett who is essentially a clone of Jango should be 5'8. 5'9 is by no means short!


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Personally.... doesnt matter, do what you like. After all the research i have done i have seen many people all shapes and sizes dress up. Do what makes you happy even if your a short overweight fett!


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... Wow... Can't believe this thread is still getting the love... Guess I'll give it another bump, and say this: Ditto to what everybody else has said! Haha!

... Fett yourself out no matter shape and size


I'm the original starter of this thread though I go by a different name now. Thanks to everyone who has replied in the last few years. In the beginning it gave me enough motivation to get the project of the ground. Heh, I can assure the previous poster that I haven't grown at all.