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has anyone seen/got an altmanns boba helmet?
whats the quality, paint job and size like in comparison to a dp 95.

any comment would be great thanks!

I believe that the paint job, while nice, is not entirely accurate. A little on the blue side I think. The damage may not be that well done either.

One of the most noticeable defects is that the horizontal width of the visor area is too short, basically it doesn't wrap around the helmet far enough.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I know,

Construction-wise, it is good. Hard impact plastic (like football helmets) and a metal rangefinder. It's too bad that it is not accurate. :facepalm As JMP pointed out, the T area is disproportioned, and the shape leaves something to be desired. It is bigger than the standard DP's, but I have never seen one next to a Deluxe to tell you just how big it is. As for the paint job, it's better than the standard DP's, but I'd recommend repainting it as some of their color choices aren't exactly accurate. I will let you judge for yourselves.


yea after much haggling and threats i recieved a FG helm and its a altmanns recast. some cosmetic surgery should make it look decent i hope, but the posts just look better (95's that is).
I know Prop Palace is selling altmann's recasts. Very noticeable particularly because of the disproportionate visor.

And what's worse is they're selling them through 3rd parties, so you don't know it's PP

sneaky...isn't it? :facepalm
Decisions, Decisions....
Go with an altmanns and your bucket is slightly bigger....but you will have do perform cosmetic surgery.
Go with a 95 DP and it's slightly smaller.... but you will have a better starting point.
I would have to say go with a 95 DP or better yet a FB mold of a 95 DP...but that's just my opinion :D
If you want a bigger pic, here's one of my Altmann's that I sold awhile ago.

It was a nice helmet, just not quite what I was looking for. The weathering or "damage" was scratched deeply into the outer surface of the helmet, much like a DP Deluxe.

The paintjob was okay, but not accurate. This isn't Altmann's fault though, he wasn't really going for "the most accurate" helmet out there...just a collectible representation.
Thanks Max, a much clearer pic, the weathering on the helmet does look a little over the top! also the two little triangle thingies(sorry if thats not the technical term) over the visor look smaller than usual.
still it looks a half decent lid, if I can get it at the right price i think i'll go for it.

My buddy sent me a photo of his Altmann Fett next to his Classic Action Vader which is movie-sized ( I used to have a Vader CA and it is HUGE!) I had no idea the Altmann Fett was this big. I wonder how it looks next to a DP Deluxe? He's sending me measurements.


If ya ask me, the Altmanns are a little too short from front to nose was always almost hittin the interior of the visor. However, it was a nice bit bigger all around than my DP 95 and 97.
I'm seriously considering buying a fiberglass recast of an Altman's Fett, but I need to know if it's BIG enough. I've got a recast of a 95DP, and it's too small- mostly on the INside. It's about 9- 9 1/2 both width and length-wise, and I have to put it on sideways.

My question is, how big is the Altman's, and is it somewhat accurate? I've seen the comparison site, but not measurements.

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Thanks. I figured it was- it looks "boxy". But considering all the fiberglassing I did to mine, I'm not worried about re-doing it a little. But for $85 = $50 shipping, I can't complain too much. I paid $250+ for my 95 recast.
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Wow! You paid pretty much for the DP recast.
You could afford a Mystery helmet for 215$ wich is very nice and sharp and looks good proportion-vise.
I have a DP95 fiberglass recast wich i'm gonna do some work on and then sell it for around 90$.

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I don't like the Altman's version much. As said before, the T-visor is off. I think even adding material to get the correct squint would still look wrong because then there will be too much of the surrounding area and then THAT area will be off.
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The key word being "COULD" afford.;) I think I spent $190+ shipping on it off ebay, and then an additional $150 to have it painted. That was a disaster, but I fixed it.

Are Mystery Helmets still available? I had assumed I missed out.

I don't mind doing the work on the Altmanns- I already removed and rebuilt the cheeks, removed and moved the rear keyholes, and added 1/2" length all the way around on my 95.:facepalm So, it's no big deal. As long as I have something to resculpt.
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hey u did some serious work...I'd love to see some pictures!!!
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:lol: I had a thread around here, but I *just* deleted the pics from my host. I'll upload some more.
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