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I said I'd Never do it, that it was too much cash better used elsewhere, but I've taken my first step towards creating an Alpha ARC costume. I picked up a fiberglass helmet, which is going to take a good amount of time to straighten out the rough spots-but the price was right. Anyway, I took some time last night surfing around looking for clone trooper armor and the like but came up not finding much. I was wondering if anyone here knows where I can find some information, products, links and tutorials on clonetroopers and ARCS...I think my gameplan at present is to go ahead and try and find the pauldron and sone of the smaller and less expensive items so I can have some stuff to work on while I'm saving up the cash to buy an armor kit sometime later in the summer or fall. First things first, I want to find a visor for my helmet. I'm not sure if someone makes clone helmet visors or if you use the welding visors (and what color visor) or whatever. I also wouldn't know where to buy one. So can any other AOTC era clonetrooper's out there lend a hand concerning where to buy everything from reputable sellers etc? Thanks for your time guys.

Check out, the 501st Clone detachment. That's the place to go. Just no want to buy threads. Search around and research the different stuff out there. PM me if you can't find who to go to.
I've just completed a pair of dc-17 blaster pistols for my Null ARC Captain Ordo costume. I'll be starting the helmet in about a month.
hey, could we see some pics of those blasters? once i'm satisfied with my boba, i'd like to work on an ARC myself, and i'd like to get to know some people that have done work on that costume.
Thanks for the links, I was checking rather than .net...I'd love to check out your DC-17 pistols Orthar, perhaps some pointers on how you made them and the like when you have some time. You do great work and any advice I could get from you would be very helpful. Looks like I have alot of background research on how to pull off a suitable set of armor like this as after breaking out my Clone Wars graphic novels that the Alpha ARCs have ALOT of pouches, gear, and gadgets not worn by other clones that I'm going to have to build from scratch. I just need to find a source of Sintra or some other plastic so I can get started on some of it. Only I can't find any yet in the tri-state area, and I'd hate to pay shipping on a 4"x8" sheet of plastic unless I have to. Anyone know of anyplace in the Cincinnati area that carries said plastic sheets? I'll find some eventually I reckon. Thanks again for the help folks, I think for this project I'm going to need it!

Do any of you know what color blue I should use on the armor? I think I'm going to have a hard time finding that color in spray paint form, so I imagine I'll have to mix it and spray it by airbrush...Can anyone offer any advice on this front? Also I'm wondering where I'll find the leather in a similar color for the kama. I guess I'll have to have that dyed, huh?

isn't the kama usually black with matching command color trim? what fabric are you thinking about using? one of these days i'm going to steal my moms sewing machine and teach myself how to make the arc pauldron. oh yeah, and how to sew too, lol
The ARC I'm going to try and recreate will be modeled "loosely" like the Alpha ARC A-17 in the Clone Wars graphic novels, "Victories and sacrifices" in particular. In the comic, his Kama is blue-and an off color blue at that. I doubt I'll be able to find fabric the exact same color "off the shelf." I was kicking around the idea of using a deer skin leather and have it dyed as close to the original color as I can. It's a fairly thin nu-buck leather that's rugged and should look alot better than simple cotton cloth. Plus I have no trouble procuring deer hides here, and you can still use a sewing machine to sew it. Which I need to learn how to do to be honest. I've been shanghaiing (that a word?) my Mom and her sewing machine when I need something sewn now, but I really need to learn how to use that contraption...:lol:

Hopefully I'll be able to pull off the Alpha ARC costume, but it looks quite difficult. So I may eventually go with the regular ol'ARC in blue/white until I can get all the little stuff on the Alpha's armor completed. I was also wondering what folks use as their black bodysuit and where they've gotten theirs. Is it made of lycra, spandex, comfortrel, or a mixture of some mentioned above? Thoughts?

i've read about some people using a divers skin suit, it's not as hot and breathes well. others use underarmor hot or cold gear (depending on where you live). eventually i'd like to get to doing a fordo. i like the look of the white and red.
Yeah, I like the Ordo look too-which is why I figured that i'd go for the blue ARC as alot of folks would be going for the Ordo look. Anyone have a spare pauldron they wanna sell me for my ARC?:D

if i can find a few high quality shots of the gentle giant fordo statue i might try my hand at sewing and see if i can work up a kama and pauldron.
That'd be cool. I'd like to see your results and possibly commission you to make them for my armor as well as I'd end up sewing my fingers together if I were to attempt it at my present skill level...

My apology for the delay, been busy making Mando armour for people. Anyway here's one of the blasters, neither are 100% finished but they are getting there.

Very nice. Did you use a specific image of one of these blasters as a guide, and if so which one(s)? I've been looking around but haven't found one that shows them in great detail. You didn't happen to make a handy-dandy tutorial, did you?

I used the Gentle Giant Micro bust for size and scale and also two images from Clone Wars, one from season 1 and the other from the opener of season 2. It should be noted that the season one version has the ejection port at the side, as does the micro bust but lacks any other detail, whilst the season two blaster is exactly the same but lacks the ejection port instead having the red charge lights and rear cooling details. I've chosen to combine the two on my blasters as can be seen in the pic above. I'll take some time out later today to write a simple guide to their construction.
Got my helmet today, and depending on what I have to do tomorrow, I think I'm going to get started. It's a great helmet other than the crack that will be first on my list to epoxy back together. I basically have two questions which will help me on my way...First of all, the helmet needs to be stripped down so I can sand it smooth and paint. What kind of paint stripper would I use on a fiberglass helmet, or have you used another method? For small areas, I've found that Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty will loosen up the paint so you can scrape it off easily. However it's not cost effective to go that route. My second question should be easy enough, it's about paint(s). What is the specific color blue used by clone lieutenant's for their armor? I'm sure folks have pretty much settled on a specific brand/color blue for the armor by now. Should I use gloss white, semi gloss, or??? I generally use Krylon paints, as they've worked the best for me so far. Hopefully they'll work for the clone armor as well.

Also, I thought I'd take a chance and take a chance and ask if anyone has any clone armor parts as I need pretty much everything but the helmet...Thanks!

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