All Metal Boba Fett ROTJ Hero Level 2 Build PIC HEAVY

I've been working with some updated templates from WOF on the jetpack again. Getting closer.
Screenshot (24).png
What a mission this has been. So after some modifications to dimensions and shapes and some new part additions, I believe I am finally done drawing up Boba's jetpack to be plasma cut. Here are all the pieces. Thanks wizardofflight for the files. I also drew up the flight stabilizer. Thanks RafalFett for your wonderful drawings with dimensions.
Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (28).png
I've begun working on the armor pieces. Some are complete, some are just getting there. I get burnt out working on one item for too long so I move to something else to get a break.
Screenshot (31).png

Upper Jet Pack hooks
Screenshot (32).png

Lower Jet Pack hooks
Screenshot (33).png

Strap louvers to be welded to back plate
Screenshot (34).png

2D cod piece with hem flaps
Screenshot (35).png

cod piece after bends and folded hems
Screenshot (36).png

See the hems. They give the look of heavy armor but still light. I plan to weld each gap once all the bends and folds are done.
So after some thought and drawing attempts I have decided to go with a heavy gauge aluminum for the torso armor plates and sheet metal for the cod piece and kidney plates. There are just too many radii and bends in the torso armor to hem if I were to make it out of sheet metal. This decision will add more weight but in the end will be much more profitable for the final look. It will require me to hammer and shape the torso armor pieces. Although they are different thicknesses, the sheet metal parts will be hemmed so that the final thickness is the same as the torso armor plates.
Screenshot (42).png

Screenshot (38).png

Screenshot (39).png

For the cod piece I am using WOF's 3D template. I combined the 3D portion for the lower cod piece into one and left the tabs for reference although they will be cut off when welding time comes as shown below.
Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (43).png
Well I just finished making my first greeble for this build: The flight stabilizer. Like aforementioned, I used the prints from RafalFett and adjusted them as I needed. I decided to use a 3/16 shoulder bolt with a .5" shoulder and based my 3d drawing around the use of that bolt which best suited the specs in the blueprint.
Screenshot (28).png

Flight Stabilizer.JPG

The dimensioned drawing of my 3D model.

Made out of aluminum, this shoulder bolt needed to be knurled at the head. So I used my lathe.

And a knurling tool to make this:

Now to make the main body, I had a piece of 1.25" aluminum bar stock rolling around.


My DRO (digital read out) stopped working after I did a major clean up on the lathe so I am going to have to replace that. This had to be machined the old fashioned way: with micrometer and a pair of eyes.


Here are the parts after a quick polish and bath in the ultrasonic cleaner

I tapped the threads into the main body and now the shoulder bolt can simply be installed into the main body with an allen key.

Completed Flight Stabilizer.
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I know I've been quiet but I needed a new plasma cutter and it was 6 months out. I just got it in and assembled last week. Here was my first test cut.


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Some helmet pieces cut, and the 1st cut sheet of the jetpack. I played with some of the parts shaping them a bit to see how the files worked. It seems to be coming together well. All out of aluminum sheet .048 thick.

I am super excited about this project coming along again.


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Update: I cut some more jet pack pieces and began some of the bending, test fitting and assembly.

Here is a video of the plasma at work as well as a connection failure lol:


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Lots of bending, shaping, welding,grinding and test fitting today. Will have more to show tomorrow.
EDIT: these pieces are loosely fitted by the way. It won't look this bad when welded together haha.


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I gotta say, this is some serious bad-assery! Well done sir! Nice little work shop to boot! Just outta curiosity, do you have an estimated weight on that Jetpack? Also are you aiming to do the Jetpack Beacon as well?

I gotta say, this is some serious bad-assery! Well done sir! Nice little work shop to boot! Just outta curiosity, do you have an estimated weight on that Jetpack? Also are you aiming to do the Jetpack Beacon as well?

Thank you good sir! I do not but I am cutting weight wherever I can. The jetpack beacon is most certainly going to be done out of aluminum on the lathe as well but the screen on top was something I couldn't do. So I ordered one of RafalFett's beacons (I think it was his) so I could use the plastic screen filter that covers the light.