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Does anyone have any reccommendations on where/who I can get to specially mix my paint, so that I can airbrush my suede veil for my zam costume? I have a swatch of what color I need. And, does anyone know what type of paint would be best on suede?
I used Createx Airbrush paints on my biker jacket. Never tried it on suede thought. I get them at Michaels and some other hobby shop we have here in Frederick MD, can't think of the name right now. It worked great on the plain leather. After about 7 years it started cracking when I gave the jacket to my sister 11 years after painting it the blood looking wash I did on the back was nearly gone, but it was on the lower back that sees a lot of friction from sitting and such. The lapel and shoulder designs I did were in very good shape for their age.
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