Air Brushing and the paints?? noob question


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Hi All, I got my hands on an Airbrush... single action and a compressor to go with it.

The problem is.. I know nothing about air brushing. I read a post stating that 3-1 mix is what you need. The question I have is how far does one of those tiny jars go?

Also, there was no paper work with the brush.. so I get to try and figure out how things work.. needless to say there will be lots of practice before trying it out on my helm.

I've also tried a search of these boards for simular topics.. along with the internet for any tutorials :)


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The single action gun will be a bit to get use to. The amount of paint that comes out is determined in the amount of opening you turn on the nozzle. So you'll want to practice everytime on a piece of paper first before painting. A bit of a pain but it will do the work. Look at some airbrush websites using single action airbrush and this will help you out.


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As far as "mixing" it really depends on what kind of paint you're using. I know for example the Testors Model Master paints technically don't need to be thinned at all before shooting them. I used them straight out of the bottle for my ESB helmet and didn't have any problems.
Other paints have different recommendations based on the manufacturer. Like the Polly Scale paints recommend using distilled water as a thinning medium.