Air brush recommendations?


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Hea guys, I'm new as well and thought this would be a good place to ask. What ratio do you mix the paint. I have been doing 1:1 (paint + thinner) but I tend to get brush strokes on my armor. . .
This is airbrushed, or hand painted? If this is a result with airbrushing, I'd say your spray pattern is way too tight.
If you have a way to adjust the pattern, open it up more and make slower passes over the armor. You'll probably need to do multiple coats until the finish evens out.
If it's hand painted, this is a good example of why a lot of people like airbrushes for covering larger areas. It's really hard to avoid brushstrokes on a larger surface.
As far as paint mixing, it really depends on the type of paint. I test my mix ratios until I get good even flow thru the nozzle.


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I've got an iwata eclipse, I've used a testors aztek and a badger velocity or renegade. The iwata has been the best and easiest in my eyes. Easy to strip and clean. Years ago I saw or read something where it was advised for your paint to have the consistency of milk, I go roughly by this, maybe a little thicker.ive used humbrol enamels, australian airbrush co. acrylics, trident acrylics and createx paints.
I'd agree with superjedi about practice, use anything to paint on, if it's double action practice trigger control.

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How new are you to airbrushing? If you're wanting to use it for more than spraying relatively large areas, consider a double action brush.
I had been using a Badger Patriot 105 for a while, and just recently I switched to a Grex Genesis. They're both really great.
I haven't really gotten to use any other airbrushes except for an old Testors Aztek.
What Compressor do you use?


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It's just a generic type compressor. Like one from Harbor Freight or something. I don't even think it has a manufacturer's label on it, and the box is long gone.
Definitely do some practice with the paint and colors you are going to use. Also practice some stenciling and use of the masking fluid that you will use. Practice on the side of a plastic bucket. Hit it with some primer first. Like they say start with acrylics. I use acrylics and enamels. I use a Iwata Neo with two different sized needles. And a Badger Renegade Velocity for fine work. Practice and don’t get in a rush. Have fun and enjoy it. I learned tips from a lot of the guys in this feed and TDH. Looking forward to seeing your work.

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Hea guys, I didn't realize but I guess I have two accounts because I'm Jvala. Any way,
I finally got my painting skills up to par.
First I made sure my paint was thoroughly stirred up before I mixed my portions.
Second I switched to mineral spirits instead of paint thinner.
These two thing made a world of difference. Not only does it come out smooth (without brush strokes), but I don't use near as much paint as I did before. Quite a money saver. So I did some practices on my kids bike helmet and it came out great. Not 100% accurate but it looks amazing. Eventually I will paint another bucket for trooping and give the one I have to a friend. Here are some pictures of the bike helmet