Accurate Hood -- Opinions Needed


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Just an idea..Could the hood be the same material as the shoulders on the vest? They look very simillar to me and the colors looks identical. Even the lines on it. Any opinions?



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Yep, the outer material and neck of the hood seem to be the same material as the vest. I found a light gray, washable synthetic fabric that is very slightly shiny and seems to be a good match.

I made the inner part of the hood out of a thinner, shinier liner. I used a gray that is the same color, but when I look at the pictures I think that it should possibly be a darker gray.

I will be making a few changes to my prototype and I'll post the results then. I think it will be a few more days, possibly around Wednesday or Thursday, before I get anything done and post pics. I'm busy counting stitch lines... :)


hold on...this is completely off topic and im sorry, but does the guy in the picture have the right gauntlet on his left hand. And its not the reverse camera thing, it really looks like that. If this has already been discussed then sorry.


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I dont think it's been discussed ebfore, but yes the guy in the first pic at the top is wearing the right gauntlet on the left arm. They must have changed that before filming began though cause it's right in the actual movie.