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Accurate Fett ears- Pictures are up and payment info

Hey, in the course of making my helmet, myself (RS) and SS made an uber accurate set of Fett ears. These were copied from my helmet casting and completely reworked as a metal master to ensure crisp castings. Since no one has anything this accurate we plan on making these available to everyone. All of the holes are drilled in the right places and at the proper sizes there is even a cutout for the microswitch for the RF which is on the original. These will come complete with the proper screws and pins just like the real piece. Last pair of ears you'll ever need right off the real deal.

I will have pictures on Sunday to post of a set and we will be taking a pre-order and the reason for this is due to recasting. We left "tells" in places but you will never know it. If interested please post in here. These will be cast in lower shrinkage materials.

We want to pre-order 20 minimum but if it goes over you still make the list. $65 a set delivered and we will be taking paypal payments only for these. Once you pay you will have your ears in a matter of days. I will post that inforamtion with the pictures on Sunday.


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I can definitley ask about the cold cast Jon no problem. Also, on fit..they fit a real helmet that's about all of the guarantees I can make but I'm sure the Fang, and Mystery stuff should be fine with these ears.

Jango'd Kid..we'll work something out.
The original helmet used the microswitch for the rangefinder:confused Must be a hollow stalk too. Wow, learn something new everyday. Now I feel even better going that direction with my circuit.
Very Cool Lee, please put me down for a set!

Oh! One other thought or question I had was, what are the dimensions of the ear pieces?


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