A Thought about the ESB / ROTJ Helmets

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I know that it has long been believed that the ESB helmet had way more flare than the ROTJ helmet and that they must be different sculpts. Tyler D. has done a great job arguing the "same mold" case.

I was looking at my DP97 recast and the DP97 is known for it's total lack of flare. Just with holding it up and applying some subtle pressure I realized a couple of things.

1) The T-visor on the ESB helmet is a bit narrower at the top and a bit wider at the bottom. By spreading the mandibles a bit I was suprised by how much extra flare magically appears.

2) On the other hand, the ROTJ helmet has an overall narrower opeing and is even skewed a bit to one side. That drastically reduces the flare on the helmet.

3) Lastly, on a purely concept note, the ESB and ROTJ helmets both have the same dent on the forehead. If you wanted to show a different helmet, to the point of sculpting a brand new one, why would you keep the exact same dent?? Obviously some things on the costume were changed on purpose. The rifle. The cape. The flame thrower. While some others just recieved a new coat of paint. It stands to reason that the helmet was meant to have a new paint job but they got a different guy to trim to new cast and install the visor. After all, Darth Vader deflected Boba's shot and caused the dent in the first place. I doubt that Boba shot his "new" ROTJ helmet just for old time's sake.

Just my take on the subject anyway.
Great observation on the effects of the visor installation. Anyone who has replaced a visor knows how the look of the helmet can vary slighty depending on how the visor is installed.

Here is a comparison pic of the <acronym title="Magic Of Myth">MoM</acronym> Jedi helmet and the <acronym title="Art of Star Wars">AoSW</acronym> ESb helmet:


You'll notice in the comparison that RotJ helmet actually looks like it has more flare than the ESB! Again, I think there are a number outside factors, photography, lenses, placement of the helmet, ect... that have exagerrated the differences between the ESB and Jedi helmets, especially the flare issue.

And not only do the ESB and RoTJ helmets share the same dent, but ANY finished Fett has the same dent.

It's important to remember that Boba Fett evolved from a group of "Shock Troopers" into a single character. We believe that is why the helmet was originally made with none of the details cast into it. When Fett evolved into a single character, the details of the helmet were standardized from one helmet to another.

Something to consider in regard to the costume change for Jedi is that the Jedi helmet was already completed prior to the filming of ESB. For some reason the ESB helmet was chosen for, well, ESB. And for reasons still unknown many parts were switched for Jedi.
okay, so I may be uninformed (shame on me) but where is the storyline...

"After all, Darth Vader deflected Boba's shot and caused the dent in the first place."

I'd like to read that story or whatefer form it's in.


Enemy of the Empire, 4 part comic. Prior to ANH, Vader enlists the aid of Fett to find a box whose contents could change the fate of the galaxy. But, being that Vader trusts no one, tries to kill Fett once the mission is complete, but obviously doesn't. Vader deflected one of Fett's blasts, and it bonked him on the noggin.
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