A Return to the Dented Helmet


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I have been on here for quite a while, did a post many moons ago (about 2012 I think) with my budget homemade build. Mostly soft parts. Though I didn't get much further with it and drifted off into other things. Apart from the ammo belts....I made & sold ammo belts on ebay/etsy for a few years. Though stopped doing that now too.

However! Boba Fett has always been at the back of my mind...and so I've been catching up with the Fett world for the last month or so. Loads it seems! I've decided I at least need a highly accurate helmet in my collection. Was thinking of employing a talented painter, though seeing other peoples work I'm tempted again to give it a go myself! Obviously the dream is to have a full costume.

Oh! And I'm from the UK. Cheshire.


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North West UK members are coming thick and fast now I can see a get together on the cards , welcome bk to the forum btw