A real world base for a vest?

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I am doing a custom mandalore so screen accuracy isn't something that keeps me up at night. However, as you can imagine, there aren't a lot of rear zipper or no zipper leather vests at ye olde thrift store.

I was thinking about using two hospital scrub shirts without pockets and sewing them together for thickness?

What would be ideal would be something from a heavy black canvas.

At any rate, my question is if someone has seen a real life vest that could be modded for not too much cash.

Thanks in advance. If I get desperate enough, I might cut the arms and elastic waistband off of a sweatshirt. lol
what I did for the custom I'm working on is I made the vest out of vinal, but instead of putting a zipper in the back, I left a space about 2 inches on either side of the body and sewed in spandex. It slips on and off and fits nice and tight. it was a pretty easy solution and will allow me to suit up alone instead of needing help if I ever get it finished.
I always thought you could take a regular sweatshirt (no hood), and either dye it (if it was white) and modify it; or strip the seams and use the pieces to create a vest pattern and use your own material. Theoretically, the only basic modifications needed is shortening up the base, adding a little thickness to the inside, and cutting the sleeves into the "shoulder pad"-like shape. After that, you could even focus on the little details, like stitching details on the sleeves, cutting slits in the back for the jet pack harness, or cutting a place for the chest LED lights if you use them. All you have to do is find a cheap sweatshirt that fits you and you don't mind cutting up.
I used a simplicity pattern for a cheerleader's outfit when i made mine. I just added a couple inches to the pieces to allow for my 44 inch "bust" vs the 40" max bust on the pattern. Also guys when sewing it don't make the folds around the breast area unless you want it to be form fitting for a female.

I will post the pattern # when i get home.
m sewed my own vest from thick dark blue canvas and it has no zippers at all... it is side opereated, lol

split down the side with 2 snaps and a strip of velcro
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