A question about the ROTJ fett helmet......


I'm going to paint my MSH soon, its going to be the ROTJ version now and no, i've not gone mad and i'm not looking for an easy way out of finishing the helmet, its just that i'm getting the new MSH2, so i plan to make that one the ESB version.

What i want to know is, is the silver on the ROTJ helmet painted on first (before the green)?

It looks to me like the large areas of silver are the helmets base coat that have been masked off before painting the greens on top, then smaller silver marks have been painted on top of the green with a brush. The silver that i think has been painted on top of the green looks a different shade of silver to the large areas too.

What do you think?


I can say pretty confidently that the Jedi helmet was painted silver first, masked, then painted the base color(s) with topical touch-ups added later.

I'd have to recheck the photos to see the color difference you are mentioning in regard to the topical silver areas.
Thats good enough for me...cheers!
I don't like the ROTJ paint job much, but i think its a good idea to do this msh as the ROTJ version, as the new one is a little larger, so it will make the best ESB version.


I tried both ways. My first helmet i used silver as a base and it worked ok. On the next one i used a paint pen and i thought it looked better and was alot easier. Try both and see what works best for you.

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