A priceless resource for new propmakers


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If you are like me and interested in attempting some of your own custom props and sculpts then it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start and what resources to use.

I recently bought a book that was recommended to me by some artists. The Prop Builders Molding & Casting Handbook

This is like the bible of casting and mold making in my opinion. I am halfway done reading it and have learned a ton. It has great pictures and step by step examples of every type of casting and mold making out there! From plaster, to resin, to fiberglass, dental alginate, latex... the list goes on!

Its easily found on Amazon for around $12 bucks.

Using the search feature in this section you can find some suppliers that deal many of the materials and tools you need. Some can be found at local walmarts, homedepots and autoparts stores.

Hope some noobs find this thread and use this book well.

this is definately the bible of prop making! great walkthroughs and tips. i knew nothing of making a mold and casting before i bought this book, and now i feel confident enough to start some projects. my first project is going to be a jet pack , and then armor is next. all fiberglass. Just have to wait til i get into my new apartment in august. (Ill have my own garage!!!!)

Great book
I have that ability but wouldent that be "recasting" of lititure? LOL ;)

I will do walkthroughs with the steps in the book as I try them out and take picks. Perhaps that could be a good middle ground.
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