97% Done with me costume>

97% Done with my costume.

A Large portion of my thanks goes the pennywise and the TDH for helping me complete 97% of my Boba Fett Costume.The last three percent to get now is jet pack and the gauntlet and boots.

] DSCI0142 (Large).JPG

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CodytheSeparatist said:
The last three percent to get now is jet pack and the gauntlet and boots.

The jet pack, gauntlets and boots only count for only 3%??? :confused
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There are twenty major components total to the whole suit. I've grouped things together to shrink it down. You have: 1. Helmet 2. Armor 3. Jet Pack 4. Gauntlets 5. Chest display 6. Blaster 7. Shin tools 8. Toe spikes 9. Jumpsuit 10. Neckseal 11. Flak Vest 12. Boots 13. Ammo belt 14. Girth Belt 15. Wookie braids 16. Cape 17. Gloves 18. Spats or ankle ties 19. Side belt pockets 20. jet pack harness.

Gauntlets includes the hoses, armor includes all pieces (chest back shoulder, neck, knees w/darts), JP includes beacon and stabalizer.

Based on that if all he needs is boots, a JP and gauntlets then he is only 85% complete


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CodytheSeparatist said:
Thanks! Still have some work to do to make it to it's full potential.
Lookn good!;) I have a extra girth belt that I'll send you for free. I't not 100% cannon but pretty nice (especially for free) PM me with your address if you want it and I'll send it to ya.(y)
CodytheSeparatist said:
Hi Spy , ive bought the cape from ebay from chris barlett i think hes an member here and sells them occassionaly on ebay.

Yep good ol' Trooper TK-409 is a member here. I've got one of his neckseals and ROTJ capes. He is a great guy to deal with and has great stuff.