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9 Yead old Fett armor progress report

A couple of people asked when I would post some progress pics, so here goes. I am really bad about posting these, so I apologize that there are not more progress shots.

The armor is made from WizardofFlight's great templates. He sized them down to my son's size and they came out perfectly proportioned. All of the parts are made from Sintra (with a little Bondo here and there). I may add more bondo to the cod to make it look a little less stuck together.

Propbably should post the bucket in a different section, but... The helmet is a DP95 which I flared and then started painting. Still a lot to do on it, but it's coming along. Any comments are welcome :)





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Thanks. Forgot to mention the gauntlets are from Cruzer - one of the casts from his kid sized masterpieces. Hopefully I can get going on them soon - need to get this all wrapped up by Halloween (plus my Vader suit :eek: ). SGB made some kids parts, jumpsuit, vest, spats, etc. which all look great. I hope to start attaching armor parts real soon.
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Looks like you off to a GREAT start with the kids armor !!!
I gotta show my son this he will love it !!!

Nice job once again (y)
Thanks guys, been having a lot of fun with it. Just hope I don't get too burned out to build my own when I am done with this. Still a ways to go on the helmet. Need to lighten up a couple of spots, finish the top and back, then try to attach a stalk...Lot's left to do, what the heck am I doing spending time typing? :lol: The TDH site and everyone on it have been great in figuring all this out! Now to build a small jet pack...
First off, VERY nice job on that helmet.

I gotta say that I have a bad habit of reading things the wrong way. The same goes when I post something ... I intend it to mean one thing, but most people interpret it as something else. In this case, I initially thought you had found armor that had been lying around for 9 years! :lol:o:lol:
LOL. Yeah, after I posted this I thought people might take it the wrong way. I have done a LOT of work on the costume since the post, so I will put new pics up tomorrow.
Posting updates this weekend. And the parts you did look AWESOME!!! Sorry for the delays, been in the middle of an office move.
Whew, okay I finally got some more pics. Sorry folks they look bad with the flash and all, the costume looks MUCH better in real life.

Made a few minro mods to make the costume work for my 9-year old. Probably will not have hoses on this one, maybe for C4 though. I also made the flame thrower on the left gauntlet a little shorter so he won't be bumping it into things so much. Sorry, no right gauntlet yet, still working on it. Other things being worked on are the gloves (first set would not take the dye), jet pack (a couple people might sell me a small one (y) ), knee armor (this weekend I hope), stalk and rangefinder (in progress) and the boots (good base, but still need a lot of work). Anyway, spent a lot of time detailing this to the ref photos. The helmet might have too much detail actually, looking pretty busy. I copied all the scratches off the ASW one, but I think it may be too much detail for the smaller DP95 helmet. Anyway, love to hear what you think....

I will try to get more detailed shots if people would like, just need time to do this before it gets dark...

BTW - SGB did the soft parts on this and they are really great. The gaunt shells are from Cruzer, Armor is from the WizardofFlight templates. Thanks to them and everyone else for helping get this together for my son. He almost fell over tonight when he finally saw most of the parts on him.


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Way to go dad!! It looks incredible from head to toe. Your son will be the envy of the neighborhood. I better not let my two sons see this thread or they will think I am a big slacker.:lol:
Thanks! A few details to do still, but we're getting there. May not have it all for Halloween, but definitely for C4. Hmm, looking at these makes me think I need to remove one more ammo box too... Any opinions? Accuracy vs ackwardness?
Hey wherz yo jet pack, Bubba Fett??:lol:lol::lol:

Ha ha ha ... sorry, I've seen somebody post that reaction he once got, and I just found it really funny! Anyway, costume looks really good right there. Nice work!:cheers
Why I oughta... lol. Yeah, still looking for the JP. Waiting for someone to send me a pic of a small one they have. If they don't work out it will a Halloween sans JP. I'll get one done for C4 though!
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