Pistols 3D Printed Westars

Nyx Mandalore

Jr Hunter
So I've been away for a while and I'll be honest, my progress totally stalled when I realized how hard it would be to get my hands on a set of Westar pistols. It seemed kind of like there wasn't much point if you couldn't obtain such a critical component. But today, as a lark, I started looking around again. I stumbled across this:

ETSY 3D Printed Blasters

Does anyone have any experience with these? If so, how'd they fare? And what did they look like painted if you have pictures?

Apologies if this is a re-post - I did a quick search but didn't turn up anything.


Jr Hunter
Everything on that 3D printed Westar-34 looks good. except the flash suppresser doesn't look like it has the right shape. But I guess if you keep it holstered who would know. Personally just knowing that it's not right would drive me nuts though.