3 piece RF


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I know in a TDH world that demands a hollow RF there's not much room for these, but I thought I'd share it never the less. I've kept the lid look on the top because it appeared the movie used RF had one. I imagine in the near future I may hollow it out a bit more and add a real lid to house some electronics but I don't think there is room now. I don't have any plan to offer any for sale at the moment since there's already an abundance of hollow RF's out there to choose from.

3 piece.JPG

3 peice B.JPG

Assembled 1.JPG

Assembled 2.JPG

Aeembled 3.JPG

Assembled 4.JPG

Assembled 5.JPG

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Looks real nice MS!!! God if only we could know what the heck the real ESB one is taken from...........................:facepalm

DL44 Blaster

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I can't believe I didn't look at this further when you posted it!! It really is a phoenomenal peice!! I am positive that the original peice has a solid top as well which makes yours the most accurate to date IMHO!! With a little creative 'dremmeling' I think I can make it fit just about any electronics that may come up.

Again,..a fantastic peice. :cheers