3 helms ...what should i do? ''opinions''


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As the topic says , I have 3 helms ''what should I do?''.
One helm is a fully metal one made by me it's not accurate so I will be painting it to a custom. The other 2 helms are a DP 96 ''vynil'' and a DP deluxe ''fiberglass''. Now I'm coming close to completing my ROTJ B.Fett and I just don't know which helm to choose for the ROTJ paintings. ''Which helm would seem better? ''I just can't make up my mind''My height is 5 6'' and I just want the helm to look right. So I'm asking which one should I use for ''ROTJ''
Please fell free to comment ,give your opinions.
Use your best helmet for your costume, the one you'll wear the most ... to a con. If you go to certain events, especially if there are a lot of people or children, where you're going to be taking on and off your helmet, I would use the DP, only because if something should happen to it (Like someone drops it :rolleyes ) then you won't be worrying too much about it ;) Only a suggestion :D
Thanks you guys.. Fetticle wich DP are you refering to? ''vynil or fiberglass''. One more thing I'm reenforcing the vynil helm with fiberglass. If I do use the DP deluxe ,then I guess the vynil 96 will be converted into a Jango.
I'd go with the DP Deluxe, if I were you. Seems a bit more accurate than the other DP. Keep us updated as to what you decide.

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Use the vynil one when you figure it's going to be handled by people other than you ;) You know "Hey bud, you mind if I take a look at that?" SLAM! "Whooooops, sorry dude" :lol: But if your going to a con .... I'd wear the DP Dulx, makes a more impressive display :lol: :D
You should send me the DP deluxe...After that, ahh who cares?

Actually you sound like you are about the same size as I am, only shorter. I have a DP '96 and it seems to fit my frame rather well. I'm afraid anything bigger than a DP deluxe would make me look like a Pez dispenser!

Get someone to take your picture with each one on, along with your armor. That way you can review them and see which looks best on you.

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Good call... Trekker.. It's either the deluxe or vynil,after taking pics well then I guess I will know.Thanks all of you guys.

Forced Trekker wrote:

Do I get the DP Deluxe????
HA -HA ...... you know I almost smashed it against the ground one time , I was so upset that I paid so much for it when they were released to later find out that a simple customized DP96 would've been 20 times cheaper and good looking too.I own #250 out of 700 wich were produced.

PM sent...
Ok guys I have decided what to do. I'm gonna take my metal helm and make it a custom due to the fact that it is way off accuracy,the DP96 vynil will be customized and reinforced to a Jango and the DP deluxe fiberglass will be repainted and customize for my Jedi outfit.
hey metalboy, how bout some pics of that meatal bucket ehh? id know id' like to see it!

thunderbolt885 wrote:

hey metalboy, how bout some pics of that meatal bucket ehh? id know id' like to see it!
''You never seened it''.... Well the pics were posted here a while back. I'll see if I can send them to you via PM.
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