2-part epoxy for attaching armor?


How good of an idea is this? I know this stuff is as strong as hell, also there would be virtually no gap between my armor and the vest, and I'm going to grow out of my vest relatively soon anyway... well I practically just convinced myself right there : )

But I'd much more value all of your guy's input rather than my own, especially those of you who have tried this before. Thanks for looking!
I would let the epoxy be... like you said. If you are about to grow out of the vest you still might want to keep the armor parts. which would suck since the only way to get them of again is by ripping them of.. and who would want to buy a ripped vest?
well if you outgrow the vest you will outgrow the armor, no? you can use goop to stick the armor on if you dont want to get it off.
that and it would never stick. Epoxy doesn't do well with things that flex, its mostly for solid to solid. Secondly, why would you do it ? There is no accuracy to this method considering the original was a myriad of moving parts ? Lastly, you are growing still ?

Why not epoxy standard button male pieces to your armor, and sew/hammer in female button pieces to your vest, that way you you could your vest armor accordingly as you grow.
: ) Thanks guys, I decided to go with the snap method. Wouldn't want my armor to strip off when a horde of female SW fans come to take pictures with me, Just kiddin'.

On a side note, I didn't really want to start a new thread for this, is there any 'top coat' I can put on my armor so all the charcoal I used to weather it won't come off on my hands and other peoples'?

And expect to see some pics soon of my completed ESB fett : D
just use a clear coat either airbrush or spray can. I would personally use Matte finish, I have heard of others using a semigloss coat though.
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