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I live in Spain (so excuse me for my poor english) and I´m searching for a good Boba Fett´s helmet. I don´t want to spend too much money but I don´t want to make a bad purchase neither. I prefer pay a little more and be satisfied, so I need some orientation.

Here I can find easily in the shops the Rubies version, but like I have read (and see) this helmet is very ugly, has a bad quality and it´s difficult to correct his bad shape. Also the price is a little high here (about 97$)

Most people recommend Don Post helmet (1995 or 1996 version), but I have a doubt: I have seen helmets in blue boxes (Rubie´s collectors Edition, I think), and others in black boxes, collector´s edition too (see the pic). Are this Don Post? What year, 1996 or 1997? (in the pic they seems like Rubie´s version)


Another question: this helmets needs to be reforced to maintain his shape correctly. Fiberglass them seems a difficult operation, so I would know if it´s possible to reforce them using metal plaques, that correct the shape of the helmet and the deformities of the bottom sides of the face that I have seen in most helmets?

Also I have seen the Skygunbros fiberglass helmets, about 200$. Are them good enough or this price is too expensive to their quality?

Any other recommendation?

Thank you very much,

Regards from Spain.
The black boxes are usually DP helmets, however the one in the picture appears to be a 97'.
From what I have heard, and seen SGB's helmets are great quality and very sturdy but a little on the small side... Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong about the size.
Hi My helmets are modded Dp helmet.Mods were made for a rounder dome and a wider flair at the bottom.These helmets size wise are good but if you have a larger head than I would recommend that you go with a different helmet.I am 6' 1" with a medium/slender build and have an average size head (well sort of :) ) and this helmet looks fine on me.
I would say if you run on the stalky side and are a husky build with a larger head this may not be the bucket for you. Here is a thread with some comparison pics.There is a set of pics showing one of my helmets next to a un-modified 95 Dp helmet.As you can see from the pics the helmet isnt much different size wise.So if a Dp helmet fits you well these should work great for you.Hope that helps.Heres the link to the other thread with pics.-Jason
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