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    List for fettpride shipments

    Haven't logged on TDH for a very long time now, mostly because of the way I wasted money. Hurts even more when I see my original Webley n°1 MkI slowing rusting away, and the stuff WastedFett is now doing! So... Order placed on March 2014. - ESB Armor & gauntlets - Jetpack - FPH2 - Nemrod...
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    Fettastic ESB Boba Fett Build. 501st Approved BH-77377 // Extremely Pic and video heavy

    Beautiful blaster, and even more amazing Fett costume! But I hate to break it to you but that blaster ain't finished 'til you got a nice sling hanging to it :)!
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    General ROTJ SE

    Stunning paintjob on that blaster! Well done.
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    F-11D front flashlight question!!

    Error - 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment
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    Fettpride Shipments?

    I actually agree with you. Which of course sounds worse for us who are waiting! That would mean that FP should commit to fulfill all his waiting orders before selling his molds. Not sure if that's what going to happen. Time will tell.
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    Fettpride Shipments?

    I'm beating you all! It's been more than two years since I ordered now. Sorry to sound this bad but I made myself a reason: I'll never get the stuff I paid for. When I heard FP was looking for someone to take over him I thought it was the best thing to do. But do you imagine that if he manages...
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    Genuine Webley & Scott N°1 Mk"1" - n°19153 is now mine!

    Hey all, I'm necro-posting my own thread just to show you that I've just finished refurbishing that Webley. It's nice to offer a hundred years old piece like that a second youth!
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    Blaster EE-3 Carbine build as ESB using Sidewinder's kit. *Final update: Painting+Assembling*

    Thank you Art! I appreciate it. I wish I could complete this EE-3 with the rest of the Boba Fett costume, but right now I don't even know if I will have maintained my motivation by the time my stuff comes in.
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    best albums thread

    Ok. In terms of Metal, Hard-rock, etc... Master of Puppets by Metallica is standing at the top. All time classic.
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    best albums thread

    I'm knee deep into my hip-hop phase, and Wu-Tang is basically my bible. So I very much agree with you. "The GZA... He the head, let's put it that way. We form like Voltron and GZA happens to be the head" ;) Talking about Hip-hop, right now I'm listening to the Moob Deep and I highly recommand...
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    Qestion: ESB Ammo Belt

    One additionnal thing i would change is that the rectangular stichings at the back of the belt should not share the same stich line than the edge stiching. I do believe your belts do not have this double stiching look:
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    Hard Harness Strapping - Boba Fett ESB .

    Very much agree. I mentionned it too, and actually, Bigdane changed these square rings to angled ones shortly after his first run.
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    intwenothor's accurate ESB interior thread.

    I'm watching with interest. I think you could get the herrinbone stripes to be longer by tightening the center white ring. I am also curious about what you will come up to reproduce the two stripes crossing over the head. I pretty much have my theory and already did a paper test, but it's always...
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    Hard Harness Strapping - Boba Fett ESB .

    I'm still waiting on my gear to arrive, so I don't really know if I will run into any trouble. But just like Simon I'm skinny, so I guess it will help avoiding any.
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    intwenothor's accurate ESB interior thread.

    I really funny how i was looking for the correct helmet cradle, and how i thought i found something when i saw the Joe Brown rock climbing helmets... But nop! When i started to use this key word, i've been (not so much) surprised to see a link popping-up :D. You were way much...