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    galactic marine link??

    :facepalmjust wondering if anyone can direct me a "tdh" style link to the galactic marines???
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    Rangefinder circuits, official sign up thread

    I would like to be on the jango selfcontained wait list
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    jp attachment hooks

    I know this subject has been talked about regarding jp harness's many times but has anyone used some kind of hooks to just hook a jp onto the back armor? if so i would love some pics or advice for something simple..:jet pack
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    All aluminum westar blasters interest

    Ok, I know I haven't posted any updates in a while.but I did make a new contact and have a sample of a good version to get a price.I will find out what CAD machine he has and let you guys know so if one of you out there can get me a CAD program to match that would speed it up even faster.that...
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    Jango Fett boot V2 run commitment thread4

    I'm still in regardless,as long as I get a pair even a year from now.The important thing is that we can get them at all...:cheers
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    Jango Fett boot V2 run commitment thread4

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    another keeper for me
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    need help asap!!

    hey guys,I need a beacon and stabilizer for this friday for a jango jp.I will pay for overnight shipping.It's for sfx this weekend with daniel logan and t.morrison. thanx....andy
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    attaching boot armor

    attaching boot armor?? anyone have an old thread on attaching jango boot armor? i have the snaps for the back,but do you use velcro at he front? and does the armor have to move with the foot motion(floating?)if that makes any sense:facepalm
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    1st bkbt paint attempt

    i got mine at curry's art supply store.if you can't find any i can ship you a brand new tube .i got lots in case i had to refinish a few times.but it does go a long way.
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    1st bkbt paint attempt

    thanx guys,i decided to repaint the light blue.i was not happy with the finish.i wet sanded it all again then wet sanded some with 1000grit then 2000.the finish is more glossy and smooth.i should post some pics maybe tommorrow after i sand the blue off my fingers;) to get a nice line between the...
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    BKBT Jango Thighs

    great another upgrade and i thought i was finished buying armor;) as usual Vince i'm in........
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    1st bkbt paint attempt

    thanx,next is the darker blue in the cheek area and some weathering and of course the visor.i definitely have a whole new respect for all the awsome tdh helmets here,let me tell ya.