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    For Sale Jet Pack Hardware

    Got my JP hooks last night! Thanks again Geoff!
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    For Sale Jet Pack Hardware

    Wow! I'm really sorry to hear about your injury, Geoff. I just figured the int' shipping was the huge part and was checking for updates as far as what the estimated arrival times would be. Hope you're on the mend!
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    For Sale Jet Pack Hardware

    Jetpack hooks paid for via PayPal Transaction ID: 3FA14020HA205364P
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    For Sale Wasted Fett's Consolidated Sales Thread

    Bumping for some sweet ROTJ Hero :cool: (I'm upgrading my ROTJ SE kit, so is there a chance I can get an undented right breast plate?)
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    Vote: Your favorite Boba Fett Variant

    MinuteFett is right. All other arguments are invalid. We can all go home, now (Is TOTALLY SERIOUSLY not biased at all)
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    krewkid82's ESB W.I.P.

    So far, so good. I have those exact same plates for my SE Fett, though they might be a tad small on me, I do like their shape VERY much.
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    KRIPTON TOP 501st Approved?

    Carol (Arkady) is THE go to for flight suits. She's done both mine as well as my flak vest, neck seal, hip pouches and boot spats. My armor I got from Imperial Outpost Armory. I know MinuteFett is now selling Fettpride plates and helmets but if nothing else, Bobamaker and Wasted Fett are superb...
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    Mounting Boba Fett Knee Darts

    Hello fellow hunters! I just bought a brand new set of knees for my kit and would like to mount the knee darts proper (in the past, I hot glued them to keep them in places) I'd prefer to do it completely independently and would love to hear input on ideas. However, I'm also not above knowing...
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    Blaster ROTJ EE-3 Blaster help

    Hey fellow Hunters! I'm thinking of doing a scratch build ROTJ EE-3 Blaster for my Boba Fett kit, but I'm a little lost on ONE piece. The heat sink ribs along the barrel. One tutorial I read said they used T-Tracks. My problem is, I can't seem to find the right ones. Most if not all are the...
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    For Sale Jet Pack Hardware

    Payment sent for Jetpack hooks Transaction ID 1RH76542DK7160806
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    Cape Looking for an ROTJ shoulder cape

    How much do his capes normally run?
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    Cape Looking for an ROTJ shoulder cape

    Hey guys! I'm in the market for a new cape for my ROTJ SE kit. Anyone have any good recommendations on who to get one through?
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    In the market for an ESB helmet.

    Hello fellow hunters I'm currently in the market for an ESB Boba helmet I plan to modify for a Special Edition kit for the 501st Wasted Fett so far is what I have my eye set on but are there other artists/vendors to consider along with their prices? Thank you!
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    Ammo Belt Boba Fett Ammo Belt weathering help

    Thank you. Never thought to use sand paper but that's a great idea. Fine grit? Around the 200-300 range?