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S01E02 - Chapter 2: The Child

"Chapter 2: The Child" is the second episode of the first season of The Mandalorian. It first aired on November 15, 2019 on Disney+.
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Your reference photos are amazing, chapter 1 and 2 have really come in handy on my build. Much appreciated :D(y)
I'm a little confused as to WHERE that flashlight/glowrod on the side of his helmet came from. We never see him attach it or turn it on, but suddenly it's just...there. It's too big to be something he had folded up against the side of his helmet, so what is the deal?
Regardless, great reference photos, and my thanks for posting them. Do you have caps of the 2nd suit of armor, the one that is all beskar?
(Well, almost all...the plate on his right thigh is red and black and looks battle damaged already, so I'm guessing it's a hand-me-down, the one piece he could not have forged because he wanted some of the beskar reserved for the foundlings? Though, I *think* that plate disappears later and is replaced with beskar. Or else he just stripped the paint off of it for aesthetic reasons.)

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