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    Feb 18, 2014, 1:20 PM - Greetings from Holland #1

    Hello, I'm Rene from the Netherlands, for other people in this small country it might be useful to know that I reside near the town of Zwolle. I'm a big Boba Fett fan from way back when the original trilogy was shown in theaters.

    I'm not much of a prop builder, yet. I own a Don Post 'helmet' for quite some years now and I added a Rubies Jango Fett about 8 years ago but only recently I decided to get them to look better. I removed the original visors last summer and plan on putting the replacement visors in place in the near future. Hope to learn how to do that and other things in the best way. Ultimate goal is a 501st worthy Fett costume but that's probably a long term plan, I still need to decide on which version and/or which Fett. First I need to know what's possible here in Holland.

    For people wondering about my picture. It's the chest emblem you all know which I put on my custom made leather suit for on the motorbike. Hence the stitches. I already wear the skull logo for life (tattoo) so I chose something different for on my suit to let insiders know I have a Boba Fett-isch. The location (left arm) is wrong but if I had put it on the chest it would not be visible due to a backpack or the fact that I crouch over when i ride my sportsbike (Honda RC51).

    My other passions are Funk music (Larry Graham for instance), watching movies/tv series and gaming.

    cheers ...

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    Feb 18, 2014, 1:34 PM - Re: Greetings from Holland #2

    Welcome dude...... :-)
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    Feb 18, 2014, 10:59 PM - Greetings from Holland #3

    Welcome, welcome, love the tattoo Brother! Love your passions and working on a Fett build will soon become an obsession. I feel a bit less crazy with more crazy people around me thanks for joining us
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