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    Apr 13, 2010, 4:23 PM - Be were thief on the lose #1

    Be were thief on the lose

    OK guys heads" up some serous **** has just gone down i wish i could say that I'm surprised but sadly I'm not.

    (E'don Rend) has just sold El Kabong29 "SAS Krat Dragon helmet" on e-bay with out his premisson of course'.

    as those of you who were at are first official Apple - bees meet up will remember

    El Kabong29 lent E'don Rend his "SAS Krat Dragon helmet" .

    with the mutual under standing that it was un-till such time as he could get his own helmet' .

    cause (E'don Rend) said that the helmet he had did not fit so he took El Kabong29 "SAS Krat Dragon helmet" with this under standing witnessed by all there.

    and was giving Bagel the one he had that did not fit''

    well it has bin some thing like 3 months or so since than and some of us are almost done With are armor .

    but we have not herd any thing from these too clowns' with the exception that Bagel a few weeks ago was trying to sell the helmet that he got from E'don Rend.

    El Kabong29 is contacing talon about this right now to see what can be done.

    talon may ask you guys that were there about the hole El Kabong29 lending E'don Rend his "SAS Krat Dragon helmet.

    also i ask that no one here posts or discusses any thing about this yet on the Mercs site till we know what action talon has taken.

    so as 'Clan NEXU' Alor'ad i consider as of right now these too guys are black listed' .

    and are scum' yes i said it scum and that is being nice' considering that they just stole from a fellow Merc'.

    let alone a Clan Brother do not trust them in any way shape or form' .

    and pleas do not go out of your way to contact them at this time till we know what Acton talon will be taking'.

    Thank you'

    Penthar Null 'Clan NEXU' Alor'ad

    Su'cuy, ner vod!
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    Apr 13, 2010, 5:46 PM - Re: Be were thief on the lose #2

    So sad...... The people in this world.

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