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    Jan 17, 2008, 1:48 AM - "skygunbro needs to come back" thread removed #1

    Apparently as many corporations get a new budget to spend for the new year, some members get a new helping of venom and vitriol they feel they need to spread as quickly as possible. While we aren't requiring that everyone love every other member here, as the new year has rolled in, I am committed to nipping the kind of nastiness we saw in 2007 in the bud. What does this mean? Bannings. Plain and simple. We have no other tool of persuasion and it seems that some are determined to leave us no other option. Hear me now and hear me clearly; the administration will start handing out bannings to those who are unable to contain their emotions and responses. Keep it positive or keep it off the board. Honest constructive criticism is one thing, but these veiled sideswipes will stop or members will be banned.

    In the case of bringing up the issue of sgb's absense from TDH, sgb left on his own. He was not driven out or banned. His choice to stop selling was also his own. He wasn't coerced or forced to stop.

    Sellers come and go. They leave for many reasons. Some are missed more than others. However, considering that sgb left on bad terms, posting a thread, and throwing out a few baiting comments was bound to create a negative reaction. I understand he has helped many members here and his efforts are appreciated, but since he chose to leave on his own, we wish him well and move on to those who are willing to help our members. This isn't a snub to sgb. It is simply life and reality. Move on.

    Again, I implore you all to consider your posts carefully and ask yourselves whether or not your comments are worth the ego you stroke to post them. If you can't or won't control your actions, you will not be welcome here.


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