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    Jan 28, 2010, 1:31 PM - Need helmet dimension information for foam kit project #1


    Because im unable to get dimensions or my hands on a helmet at this time, im canceling the plans to distrubute this project.
    I cant guarantee the interiors would fit perfectly, and thats whats necessary to make a project such as this successful.

    Theres a couple of my old kits for sale in the Cargo Hold.

    Until I can find reliable intel, i just have to scrap the plans to distrubute. Ill create a thread showing my progress however, to make my personal version for my MR helmet.


    As the title says, i need helmet information.

    I need to know some exact dimensions on a couple helmets.

    I have a MR that I can strip out the padding in to get the base measurements.

    I however need an exact set of measurements of the INTERIOR of what you all think are the more popular, and more importantly most consistently made helmets.

    I would think we would be talking about BM and the new FP helmet.

    Ive been at a standstill trying to get measurements and such from Chris, as hes too busy ATM. So if anyones purchased one, I need the comparison between his new helmet, and the MR.

    I need to know exactly inner dimension from FRONT of the earpiece where it hits the cheek, to the other cheek. I need the EXACT height of the cheek, the exact measurement for the top of the visor slot, and a few others. Such as from bottom back of the helmet to the top of the 'keyslot' area.

    Once I have these I can get this under way.

    If someone could just confirm that the measurements on the FP helmet are within .5 to .25 inches to the MR helmet, that would suffice.

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