how do I go from a clay sculpture to a wearable item?Subscribe
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    Aug 24, 2002, 9:22 PM - how do I go from a clay sculpture to a wearable item? #1

    Hey everyone,

    I'm just getting my feet wet with sculpting a set of gauntlets out of clay, and I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to go from there. It's also important that I can somehow preserve my original work in case I need to make another set down the road.

    For example, do I.....

    1. sculpt the gauntlets
    2. make a plaster mold of the gauntlets
    3. make a positive casting of the gauntlets in plaster
    4. vacuum-form plastic over the plaster casting
    5. put the mold away for safe-keeping

    Is this the best way to go? I was just curious about how those of you who make these things from scratch go about reproducing them from start to finish.
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    Aug 24, 2002, 11:44 PM - Re: how do I go from a clay sculpture to a wearable item? #2

    Nobody wants to touch this one?

    OK, I'll tell you what I do. I make a fiberglass throw-away mold directly from the clay model. When it's cured, I peel out the clay, and clean-up the mold with a bit of mineral spirits. A little sanding might be in order also. Next, I wax and prep this disposable mold, and run a new part in fiberglass, that will be the master. I pull that piece from the mold and clean it up further by sanding the irregularities inherant of clay sculpts. After all that, it gets waxed and prepped for a nice permanent final fiberglass mold. For those who are not aware, The molds for fiberglass parts, are also usually made of fiberglass.

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