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    I have been reading other threads about using fiberglass to make customes, but so far I haven't seen the answer to my questions. Not to hijack another persons thread I figured I'd ask in another.

    First off, I am going to use silicone with a fiberglass case, I guess it would be called to make the mold of my parts. I have used silicone for other projects before and I like it, I'm comfortable with it, but I have not used fiberglass.

    I am about to start making a mando suit (obviously, I am here aren't I? ), but I have been convinced by a firend to try and make him a Commander Cody suit also.

    The question I have is, would it be better to make the mold of the buckets in sections, then cast them, or try and do it all in one shot? What I mean is, should I do something like, make the face, the dome and maybe other sections in parts, then assemble it later, or try to make it all in one shot while the entire mold is clamped together?

    It seems to me that it would be easier to make it in sections then assemble it, but how much does it effect the toughness of the bucket trying to assemble it in pieces instead of one solid piece?

    There will obviously be seperate molds for heavy under cutting parts, like the visor arms on Commander Cody's cheeks, and the range finder on the Mando bucket. But is a solid single bucket cast an option with the mesh and all that?

    I am concerned with high strength because I know my friends, after one bucket is made, they'll all want one, then they'll be shooting each other in the face with paintballs and airsofts, or they'll try to imitate a scene from one of the movies and wind up wrestling. I am not trying to make crash rated helmets, but I am hoping that I wont have to repair cracked buckets that often either.

    If one of the fiberglass gurus could lend their sage advice to this, I would be very much appreciative, if all of them have advice feel free. I could use all the advice anyone has to offer.

    Also, how do you determine which is the most durable fiberglass (not sure what the actual chemicals are called, resin? epoxy?)? Any advice on materials would be great, such as the best, whether it's exspensive or cheap, the results are the important part.

    I know these questions have been asked before, I'm sorry for cluttering the boards, but I just couldn't find the answer with the search.

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