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    May 23, 2004, 8:40 PM - Merged: Re: definate sintra sheet info? #51

    Shipping depends on how much you buy. For two sheets it is around $7.00 I think. I have been thinking, if you are going to make a back plate you should get three sheets at that size. The reason I say get "at that size" is because USplastics can't ship any thing bigger than 4'x2' thru UPS. They have bigger sheets but you have to get your own currier service to pick it up. Like MB said sintra goes a long way if you are careful. To conserve I usually place the template on the sheet and cut around it. Or you could just cut right from the sheet. But I think three sheets should be enough but if you can afford it buy four. I know for a fact that is enough. Plus you can never have to much sintra. O, by the way I couldn't find that size last time I looked on there site but they have an option to do a quick buy on the left side of the page so I put in the item number and it came up. So if you do buy from them input the item # and you should be fine

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