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    Oct 29, 2015, 10:29 PM - SGB McQuarrie V2 Paintup! #1

    Alright, I lied. In my previous paintup post I stated that I was going to do both this bucket and my ROTJ simultaneously. However, after the depth, scope, and learning experience of both my ESB and ROTJ paintups, it was worth doing two threads. I'm utilizing my lessons learned and techniques used for both of those paintups in this rendition. Also utilized my leftover Humbrol paints, thus far, to achieve this. Primer, sanding, more primer, sanding, base coat of Humbrol silver. Following that, mist of Humbrol gunmetal followed by grey 67, just as in Jayvee's paintup for the ROTJ. I tried to be liberal, but not too overwhelming in the masking. As the previous ESB and ROTJ buckets demonstrated. More concentration on the mandibles, back panels, and left side. This is a quick job, and with additional masking on top, will spray the white. I think too much damage on this bucket will not achieve the same effect. There will be a good amount of fine "overspray" over the white, and other traditional weathering methods used following the white application. I did not want the base silvers/grays to be too dark following the top layer. We will see....


    Following the white, I'm going to "ghost" some kill stripes on the helmet's left side. This is to give a transition effect between the V1 and Supertrooper to the ESB paint. I'm debating between a light, cool, grey, and a faint yellow. Any suggestions or votes for either???? Let me know!

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    Oct 30, 2015, 8:34 AM - Re: SGB McQuarrie V2 Paintup! #2

    Go for a grey. It will be the most subtle and not look too out of place.

    Looking forward to seeing this done! The kill stripes is a very interesting idea, I'm looking forward to see how it comes out.
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    Dec 17, 2015, 4:57 PM - Re: SGB McQuarrie V2 Paintup! #3

    I like gray too. Looking forward to see how this goes.

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