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    I initially joined TDH back in late Sept, after starting my helmet based on this 10 year old kid's you tube video . (I was not aware of TDH at that time). There were links to WOF's plans, and all was going well until I got to the that point the you tubes were just not enough, and there were no directions for the rangefinder or "ears". That's when I arrived here!


    After getting the dome assembled I thought I was home free! However, when trying to mount it to the mask, I realized the you tube plans were two different scales. The dome was quite a bit smaller than the mask, so I ended up taking a decent amount of cardboard off the backside of the helmet. I chose spackle rather than bondo -- sanding was nice and easy, and of course, no worries! It looked GREAT. (Hold that thought...).

    That's when I started trying to figure out how to make the "ears" which I think was the toughest part, and lastly, the rangefinder. After building out the rangefinder, it looked totally out of proportion (way out of scale, much too large). Thankfully I had some cardboard left, and downloaded a new set of plans that were more to scale and re-did it.

    I finally decided to cut out the slits down the front for the eyes/nose area. This is where "downsizing" the mask part (due to small dome) bit me. When I tried on the helmet, my nose REALLY stuck through the slit. SIGH. At this point I decided I just needed to make the best of my situation since time was now EXTREMELY short (deadline of 10/31). Paint went on the helmet Oct. 30th. I used some thick window film duct taped to the inside of the helmet which was flexible enough to arc outward for my nose, but was WAY too dark and blurry.

    That night after work I slammed together an impromptu JetPack in a few hours with some soda cans, energy drink bottles and a cardboard box. It turned out surprisingly well, considering I only spent a few hours on it. (I posted a photo album of that build under my profile).

    And now, for the lessons:

    1. TIME MANAGEMENT. I totally underestimated the amount of time this project would take.
    2. Consistent plans. Don't piecemeal from other websites! Get them all here!
    3. Paint. When I started I had no idea there were two different Fett paint jobs. I may have used a combo of both, and wish that I had time to use the "scratch" templates.
    4. Costume! I spent SO much time on my helmet that I had no time left to create body armor, and rest of the costume. It was still wearable since I had my impromptu jet pack, but honestly ... LAME.

    So, I think I need a second build -- this time with bondo !
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