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    Oct 16, 2010, 6:02 PM - Weekend project/Quasi-tutorial... #1

    Hey, guys. I know my post are few and far in-between, but I'm in the middle of something that I just had to show off.

    I don't know what you all store your larger prop components in, but I use a truck bed box. Anytime I need a part for gun, costume part, or lightsaber, I just dig through everything in the box that I've salvaged from thrift stores or other projects. Then it occurred to me what I've been calling it: salvage.

    If any of you are familiar with the Red Faction franchise, then you recognize the term from RF: Guerrilla. Its what Alex had to bring back to Sam in order for her to up grade his weaponry. Well, I'm turning the truck box, into an ammo cache from the game. Here's some progress pics...

    Start with your ammo crate. Sand it down as much as you desire.

    Make sure to tape up what ever you want exposed after the painting is done. Its not accurate to the game, but personally liked the look of the silver latches.
    If you're super-analretentive like I am, get rid of any and all distingishing marks, pits, lables. Now would be a good time to give it one last once over with the fine sanding.
    Another thing not accurate, but I personally like the look of, are poprivets. I'm not sure if this will affect the integrity of the case, but if you use them, make sure you use the back-up plates on the inside.
    Now prime the heck outta that sucker.

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    Oct 16, 2010, 7:11 PM - Re: Weekend project/Quasi-tutorial... #2

    Anyway, prime, prime, PRIME.

    I got overzealous with the sanding on a part that has texture. Good thing I keep this in my utility belt. This is a sprayon texture that I use for pistol grips. Welcome back texture!

    Ready for its first coat of red. I'm using a bright red as a base. My thinking is that the ammo box probably started its life as a demolitions container before being sandblasted and sunscorched. Make sure you get in all the cracks. When you go back with the other color, you want some of the lighter red to show through in the cracks. (This is just a cheapo. Colorplace Fire Red #20005. FYI, all of the paint I'm using are rattle cans.)

    Now the real color. This is Krylon Outdoor Spaces Brick #2901. Get all of the facing sides, but go light around the bottom and crevices.

    More later....
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    Oct 17, 2010, 9:20 AM - Weekend project/Quasi-tutorial... #3

    Because I'm only using rattlecans, theres only so much I can do as far as detail so I've had to get creative. Paint your hands and pick up the box a few times to look like grease stains. Paint the bottom of cups and use the box as a table. Really, you all are the experts, so I'm not going to presume to tell you the best ways of distressing. All of my ideas probably came from reading it somewhere on the boards here at one time or another. I just really want to do this tutorial to be able to say that I've done it.

    Once your have your distressing done how you want it, its time to move on to the steciling. Find a good screenshot of the Red Faction eblem. I googled it and found this:

    You shouldn't have to resize it any. Print it as-is and you should have the smaller sized symbol for the front, back, and sides. Set your printer to 2x4 poster to make the large logo on top.

    I use this method to make the stencils themselves. YouTube - How to make stick on stencilsDon't know who this guy is, but its pretty comprehensive. Do whatever you know.

    More pics coming up. I know it's just a crate, but I needed something simple to get back in costuming mode. I've been away for a while. And this is my first tut, so let me know what you think.
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    Oct 17, 2010, 7:36 PM - Weekend project/Quasi-tutorial... #4

    Ta-DA! All done this afternoon. I'd like to thank my sponsors. Without whom this project would not have happened:

    Heres the front and back. I'm pretty proud of the gradient here.

    And the finished product. Well, almost. Had some complications with the top of the hammer on the front. Gonna go back and do that later.

    Gotta have a fun shot.

    Thanks for following!
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    Oct 20, 2010, 3:58 PM - Re: Weekend project/Quasi-tutorial... #5

    Very nice!
  7. jarodpenn's Avatar
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    Oct 20, 2010, 6:01 PM - Re: Weekend project/Quasi-tutorial... #6

    Thanks, man. My wifes almost a bigger fan of RF:G than I am. I've got other movie/gaming/prop stuff in the shop, but she's really getting a big kick out of coming in and seeing that there.

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