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  1. Jun 30, 2015, 10:19 AM - Too Fat for a Fett?? #1

    Greetings all.
    I was reading Nosegoblins post asking about being too tall for a Fett. Well at 6 I dont have that problem but being a fat guy at 275 lbs, Im suddenly wondering if Im too fat to pull off a Fett costume. I know I am heavier than Mr. Bulloch by a great degree and am heavier than most of the Fetts I have seen pictures of here and elsewhere.
    I have never done any cosplay before so as not to embarrass myself and I truly dont want to start here. I know it is going to take quite a bit of time to acquire and paint the armour and prop pieces of the outfit not to mention learn how to wire up and attach the electronic aspects. So I am using the outfit as motivation to finally shed about 75 80 pounds. Every time I take the stairs at work or shy away from some food Id love to eat but shouldnt I just keep chanting to myself, Boba Fett, Boba Fett. So I am working on it but I wont lie, it has always been very difficult to do.
    Im starting with my MacFett outfit first before I plunge into the 100% 501st accurate RotJ outfit and try to join their ranks, so that helps as well.
    Just thought Id try to get the thoughts of the folks here before I go too far.

    PS: Here's a picture of the fat guy in question at Universal Studios for reference:
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  3. paucarmelbea's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2015, 10:40 AM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #2

    Don't ever worry about it....if you want to cosplay Fett it don't matter what size you are.....sure you might not look like the screen version, but honestly it doesn't matter.
    Actually my costume is quite slimming and although I'm cetainly not Jeremy Bulloch shape myself, when the costume is on it still looks pretty awesome and people don't care.
    I would recommend in getting good fitting gear because it will help....but yeah try your Mc-Fett thing first if you're wanting to start somewhere and build your way up....and when you start getting the motivation, the weight will come off and you'll look even more screen accurate. I lost 5 stone and I'm getting to be a happy shaped fett.
  4. Bounty1138's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2015, 11:40 AM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #3

    ^^^^^ exactly.
    Do what you what you want and what you makes happy. I don't think people need to worry about being the right shape or size for almost any costume.
    The one exception might be Darth Vader. I think he just needs to be tall to pull it off. If you're too small you run the risk of looking like Dark Helmet :-)
  5. Thxboy's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2015, 3:19 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #4

    Ethan, kids and fans just don't care. They will all look at you and just see the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy (other than Bossk). If someone doesn't see that, oh well. They don't know what they're missing out on.

    Good luck!
  6. Bounty1138's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2015, 3:40 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #5

    Quote Thxboy said: View Post
    They will all look at you and just see the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy (other than Bossk).
    Them thar is fightin words
  7. Member Since
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    Jun 30, 2015, 4:57 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #6

    i'm 6 foot 180 and i'm doing Jango 5 yrs ago i was a 48 now i wear a 34 pant Just go for it
  8. Refugee's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2015, 5:38 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #7

    You should go for it. With very few exceptions, your height and weight shouldn't impact your decision. Follow your dream to make a suit of your favorite character (s)
  9. High Speed Low Drag Fett 4 Real's Avatar
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    Jun 30, 2015, 5:57 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #8

    If you guys read his post he wants to lose weight...I think that's a great thing to do....being healthy is being healthy and being fett is yeh, get to it!
  10. Tfett40's Avatar
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    Jul 1, 2015, 5:39 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #9

    Hilton, that is awesome you want to be Fett and even better you want to lose weight. So many health benefits come from dropping those unnecessary pounds. A few years ago I became overweight by 50lbs due to a few work injuries. I had a scare from the doctor and was motivated to lose the weight. I dropped from 245lbs to 190lbs in about a period of 6 months and I have kept it off since. I started off by monitoring my calorie intake using the app MYFITNESSPAL and then I slowly started jog a 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 3 miles and built up to running a half marathon and losing weight doing it. So it is possible, as along you put together a good fitness and diet plan along with great motivation. You don't have to perfect body for Fett, I am only 5'7, short for both a Stormtrooper and Fett, but it does not matter to me, it is what I want to do. Follow your heart and enjoy it! Best of luck man
  11. Darth Voorhees's Avatar
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    Jul 1, 2015, 6:01 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #10

    My Fitnesspal is a GREAT app. I have used it to lose weight a few times, and also just to maintain. I definately recommend it!

    I do fall off the wagon though lol. When i was a kid i was 120lbs no matter what i ate...stayed like that until i was in my mid-late thats a good 20yrs of bad eating habits i have to fight lol . So its hard for me to maintain a good weight. My static weight these days is 220lbs at 5'8", but i have gotten down to 205 recently and have been down to reminded me, need to get back on the wagon lol.

    All that said, you should do what you want, because that will make you happy. We have a 5'6" Vader in our garrison and ya know what, yea he may be short for a Vader, but he has super nice Vader gear and most of the time, the kids dont care, or even notice..they just see the dark Lord of the sith! i say go for the Fett and go for losing weight...the best excuse i ever had to drop weight was being Fett lol
  12. Duder777's Avatar
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    Jul 1, 2015, 8:57 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #11

    It is important to do what makes you happy. It is much more important to be healthy. I have had 30 pound swings in the past and my blood work is always great when I am about 190, and not good when I am 220. I think your approach of using Fett as motivation is a great one. Good luck!
  13. Jul 2, 2015, 2:33 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #12

    Wow. Overwhelmed by all of the support! Thank you very much for your kind words and advice!

    I’m working on it. Still taking the stairs at work and I started on the treadmill last night. Now I have a bit of cash burning a hole in my pocket and I’m trying to decide if I should use it for a RotJ EE-3 or to order my first soft kit from Arkady. I want to so the soft kit but I’m not certain I should. If I do drop the poundage, the soft kit might end up being too big. Not sure.
  14. Raizo Fett's Avatar
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    Jul 2, 2015, 2:47 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #13

    Drop the poundage first then order the soft kit. Your pocket will thank you later and you can use it as motivation!
  15. Duder777's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Jul 2, 2015, 9:35 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #14

    Just speaking from experience, it is about 90% diet and 10% exercise. I have worked out for about 20 years now, and even at my most intense I would gain weight if I was eating excessively. There were times I did little to nothing in terms of exercise and would lose 30 pounds in a couple months with a strict diet.
  16. MasterEdi's Avatar
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    Jul 3, 2015, 7:38 AM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #15

    I thought MacFett was a cool idea! I want to see him! ... But using your Fett dreams as motivation to lose some pounds by exercising and eating better is awesome too! ... I say wait on Boba, create MacFett, and when you feel you lost as much as reasonably possible order your suit. Continue to use it as a healthy lifestyle carrot, I don't think you would regret it.
  17. Rascal's Avatar
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    Aug 11, 2015, 2:12 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #16

    shoot.. sometimes I feel too fat for fett.. I only weigh 160.. darn Bulloch was such a tiny guy!
  18. Aug 12, 2015, 3:51 PM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #17

    We are all shapes and sizes pal... its all about how it makes 'you' feel when you wear that outfit; or any outfit for that matter..... do what makes you happy and not what people expect 👍
  19. Aug 13, 2015, 8:03 AM - Re: Too Fat for a Fett?? #18

    Thank you again for the support and words of encouragement folks! I can honestly say, I have never encountered such a warm, positive, and supportive group of folks in my life! I cannot say thank you enough. The good news is that using these Boba builds as a goal must be working. I'm not using a scale as I have found it to be more of a negative tool than one of encouragement so I'm just going by how I feel and how my clothes fit. I had to go down a notch on my belt the other day. I've been taking the stairs at my day job and I picked up a second job nights and weekends. This second job is very physical and has me walking, hauling, lifting, pushing and pulling literally non-stop for four hours except for a 15 minute break for an additional 27 hours a week. So changing my diet and this new physical activity may just have an impact! Plus a good portion of the extra money is going to go directly into feeding these projects, to which I have added plans for a life size gonk droid and a jawa just for the fun of it! I can honestly say that the inspiration I have found here and on the RPF have thus far made all of the difference. They say I should see results in 8 weeks and others will start to see it in 12 so I'll check back in with an update around the beginning of October and again at the beginning of November! Thank you all again!

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