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    Jan 20, 2013, 2:51 AM - My first jetpack #1

    Greetings from Australia everyone!

    So here are some pics of my jet pack, so far it has taken me a few weeks on and off!

    430858_10151392386926138_568335365_n-jpg Foam board

    580443_10151398148046138_495487793_n-jpg Some cardboard and plastibond, oh so much plastibond to come!!

    58678_10151400163206138_1873662125_n-jpg Used a exit sign and a acrylic paint tin + PVC pipe and fittings

    479698_10151400448031138_1566069894_n-jpg Starting to get there

    6366_10151411206891138_342765273_n-jpg More sanding !!!

    582262_10151411489256138_573471924_n-jpg Base coat, still not finished but I am happy so far

    Thanks to everyone on here for all the info and help!

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    Dec 2012
    Jan 20, 2013, 2:59 AM - Re: My first jetpack #2

    Looking good, the more jetpacks I see being built ,the more it makes be want to have a go myself
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    Jan 20, 2013, 3:15 AM - Re: My first jetpack #3

    It looks pretty good! I love the scratch build jetpack threads (well everything scratch built) and my advise is to always back up your build with images from the Gallery (I see only the WOF templates on the wall) to be sure that your build is in the right track. Here is the ROTJ jetpack as reference:


    It seems that the side tanks on your build are a bit low and the tanks housing is wider (it covers the yellow area) while the rocket tip should have straight lines (I know that the shape you did is how WOF did in the templates):


    Keep up the great work!
  5. bassplayer82's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Jan 20, 2013, 3:56 AM - Re: My first jetpack #4

    Hey Raf Fett,

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I know the fuel tanks are a bit low, once I had set everything up I just didnt have the will power to change it..

    Next time I do this I will have a much better idea on how to approach it, I must say this was more fun than the helmet !!!! Will post another pic soon!
  6. bassplayer82's Avatar
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    Jan 20, 2013, 3:08 PM - Re: My first jetpack #5

    Bit more done last night phew

  7. Samkrow76's Avatar
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    Sep 29, 2013, 6:21 PM - Re: My first jetpack #6

    Hello I am building my first jetpack and, granted some mistakes so far have made me change it just a hair so I am not following my templates (Wof) strictly speaking. The whole thing is a bit shorter than it should be, the fuel pods are higher than the top base portion.
    My question for you guys is this: I have the template for the missile, but I am having trouble building it. Any suggestions? I just don't get how the cutouts from the template really works to create the missile.

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