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    Feb 6, 2009, 2:47 PM - Re: Looking for scope help #101

    Well after doing all that i can do, I have come to the following pic as as close as I can get to the real thing based on the reference I have.

    It will be somewhat controvertial. I want to mention a few things that are wrong in this pic, and why.

    This is a template for any of you that wants to make your front mount. Its printable.

    The lower mount can be made from two thin pipes of pvc. The real mount looks to be made of... DUN DUN DUN a metal strap mount. With holes in it. Just good old holes.

    The bottom 'prongs, appear to be a bolt with a washer or something shiny at the bottom of them. The rear mount appears to be a strap also. Plastic or metal.

    Ive taken all of the pictures I have, and overlayed a max shape, until I was able to recreate the angles in all of the pictures. This is what ive come up with.

    Its possible that there was another mount used somewhere, at a different time, but the photos ive got, including arts above are basically this.

    My mount looks like its a molded piece, but I believe that the top piece is plastic or hardened steel, and the bottom part is a clamp/mount of some sort.

    I dont think its a pinch spring mount anymore, unless they put caps and washers on them. I think they are screwed in to hold the mount.

    The rear mount, appears to be a strap also, and if you look at the pics, it doesnt appear to be perfectly round. Though the barrell is. Which, though I havent found any 'holes' (as I did in the first mount, though they look to be partially filled or covered) I still think its a strap mount of some sort. It forms a straigt A. (The rear that is).

    Im sure the debate will rage on, but I will say this. I am more than happy to make a wager with ANYONE that wants to, that this shape/mount is very close to spot on.

    The real mount may be taller. I suspect it is (Though this one is actually taller than the currently accepted mounts, it just looks shorter because of the shape).

    I need to build this, and check the distance from the barrell to the scope, to see how close I am height wise. The riser block may need to be a tad taller.

    ive spent 40 hours lookign at this, drawing and building. If someone wants to illustrate something closer, id be glad to look at it. I just dont want to argue verbally without illustrations anymore, because ultimitally that gets us no where.

    This is what ill be basing at least one of my front mounts for the kit off of.

    Thanks for your time and patience.
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  3. FettDad is offline FettDad
    Feb 6, 2009, 3:29 PM - Re: Looking for scope help #102

    hey man, i think that 's great! and really, until someone steps up and tells us EXACTLY what that mount is, i dont think it gets any better than this, and you are right, we are arguing over something that we dont have done a huge favor for this community, brother, and you work is totally appreciated! i am down for the best of this set that you got!!

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