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    May 14, 2003, 10:13 AM - Merged: Merged: Re: Fett chest light dimensions anyone ??? #26

    Are you wanting the dimensions of the components (display and circuit board) or of the lit display area? I would highly recommend not cutting out your slots until after you have your lights. Once you have them, take a piece of clear plastic (heck, wax paper would probably work) and trace the display area. Once you have that, transfer it over to your armor and carefully start trimming, occassionally putting the lights in making sure you are going overboard. Making the cuts just using posted dimensions can be risking and difficult to fix if you cut more than you wanted to. If you weren't planning on using Shackman's display, then here are the estimated measurements for the slots in the chest we came up with based off the MoM suit:

    Top slot is 1/8" tall
    Bottom slot is 1/4" tall
    Slots are 1/4" apart.
    Slots are same length; 1 5/8" long

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  3. Rodann
    May 24, 2003, 4:04 PM - Re: Installing Digital Chest Display. #27

    I was planning on sewing a pocket on the inside of my vest for the second board. Other than that, I had planned on running a set of wires down to a belt pouch with an on/off switch, just like my voice amp.

  4. DarthVader1's Avatar
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    Jun 11, 2003, 8:53 PM - Re: Installing Digital Chest Display. #28

    I was considering about expanding the wires adding an on/off switch which I could put inside one of the side belt pouches. I'll be posting pics really soon, with probably a tutorial to install these ones on your armor. Hope this works.

  5. bh7603's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Jun 12, 2003, 1:57 AM - Re: Installing Digital Chest Display. #29

    hmmm, i hot glued mine inside my armor and than ran teh wires and control box down the outside of the inside the vest, adn i can reach the switch with either arm.
  6. DarthVader1's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Jun 13, 2003, 10:43 PM - Re: Installing Digital Chest Display. #30

    Here's the way I did mine, I made a box made of sintra or sign plastic, snug enough to fit the exact size for the chest display. I measured the sizes in all angles so I came out with this, specially thinking in waterproofing the chest display, and at the same time as comfortable as possible to fit under your vest.

    measuring the right fit of the display, that doesn't wiggle inside the box, which I managed to add a little strip of plastic for a tight fit, which you could add inside in the upper or lower part,

    And making sure that it fits with the right angles based on the curves on the armor, which most likely you want to trim a little bit the areas where the box connects to the armor. Remember to keep in mind that it has to be fit and close to the armor, making sure that the display is aligned correctly inside and that it work properly from the outside, then hot melt glued to the armor for sealing the box in the areas between the white box and the armor, not touching the brass contacts or the circuit board inside, which should be free of obstacles for the ribbon cable to fit, and avoid damaging the whole system.

    Hope this helps as an example for everyone. All you need is a little patience with this, not all armor are made the same, including the fact that there's the dark film inside the slots for the effect, besides to protect the display from water and other elements, specially kids sneezing in your armor (or sort of...maybe someone could puke drunk in your armor at a party )...but you get the idea. Planning to install an on/off switch between the battery adapter and the other circuit board, which will be resting in a pocket inside the vest facing your body, and the switch to place it somewhwere accessible. Any questions, just ask me.

  7. bobafett669's Avatar
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    Jun 23, 2004, 3:49 PM - Re: Installing Digital Chest Display. #31

    How much are you chest displays and are they still available?
  8. BelaLugosi's Avatar
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    Dec 26, 2004, 1:15 PM - Re: <B>Merged:</B> Chest armor L.E.Ds #32

    Do these measurements appear a bit small to anyone else? They will barely accomodate my LED display. looks too cramped to me.

    Height of top slot: 4mm.

    Distance between slots: 8mm.

    Height of bottom slot: 8mm.

    Length of slots: 43mm.

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