Warning: Issues with Rick Ponte / Ponteworks

Discussion in 'The Sarlacc Pit' started by MachineCraft, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Flamechicken

    Flamechicken Jr Member

    Just an update...I received some more of my armor pieces (shoulders, cod and kidney) on Monday. I received no heads up or anything from Rick, it just showed up at the house. I'm still waiting on my knees, helmet and gauntlets from my commission that was suppose to be completed in June 2016.

    ISBEAR Jr Member

    Ponte did write a post some time ago about some family problems and stuff. And last time I spoke with him around february, he was slowly getting back on track.

    I know we are getting rather angry, I get, have been waiting on my helmet since 2015 when it was orignaly planned to be delivered, but if we all responds with soo much hostility, he probably will work slower and sloppier.

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  3. BobasDent1138

    BobasDent1138 Member

    That's a fair point, but based on the other posts it seems that most people who commissioned him would rather just have their stuff shipped back and their money refunded ( or even partially). Less for Ponte to deal with and our fellow TDHers would have their kits back and can move on with their lives.

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  4. EvanDallas

    EvanDallas Jr Member

    I have no opinion on his work but if any vendor behaves like this, then everything everyone has said is thereby justified.
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  5. Hunter930

    Hunter930 Member

    Anyone received their kit ???? Im still gobsmacked that the fella stole my kit. slow commissions and other issues I understand but open theft. wow. Ive contacted Admin and we are well and truly on our own. Bizarrely they are all mates with Ponte ...
  6. Flamechicken

    Flamechicken Jr Member

    I'm still out my helmet, gauntlets and knees (to include Machinecraft parts). Haven't heard from him in months, even though I've texted, emailed and FB messaged him numerous times.

    Between my issues with Ponte and Fettpride, my introduction to this hobby hasn't exactly been good.
  7. Hunter930

    Hunter930 Member

    Mateeee soz to hear this, yeah this whole situation has motivated myself to get out of the hobby. I've sold all my remaining kit. But i will not let this open theft go.

  8. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    The admin really doesn't have anything they can do other than ban him. They aren't a legal authority. I am sure they wish as much as anyone that these issues could be resolved but there is nothing for them to act on, all of the remedies are outside of their scope of authority.

    I do really hope that all of this gets some resolution.
  9. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Yeh...if I lived within a few hours of Rick it'd be a different story I assure you. But I and Scott both live over 1000 miles from him. It's not like we can just hop in the car and grab your stuff and help you. He hasn't been messaging either of us back same as you. I've tried helping you best I can by giving you his personal contact info even. Take whatever actions you can but as mullreel said above there is nothing besides removing his account which does nothing for you.

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  10. Hunter930

    Hunter930 Member

    Copy that Dom, i understand, anyways its a bugger as I was really enjoying the hobby. The GMH you sent me was awesome, and in hindsight I should have waited for ur return from Korea i would have had my lid and your genius paint it. didnt mean any disrespect just frustration arising, i guess being 10000 miles away doesnt help my plight. anyways all the best to yourself and the TD community

  11. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Also looks like he has deactivated his facebook so...
  12. collector

    collector Active Member

    So i lost all my FP stuff which was sent to him plus money for the paintjob. He even wasnt willing to send my stuff back to me on request.Not to forget the dead investment in FP stuff i still have to get. 2500 USD in total. Thats it with my lifesize Boba.
  13. Flamechicken

    Flamechicken Jr Member

    What did he say when you asked him to send your stuff back?
  14. Viper

    Viper Member

    Wasn't there a member on here who got booted when he raised concerns with Ponte? I feel like that wasn't even that long ago...
  15. Raizo Fett

    Raizo Fett Active Member

    If you mean Sleepalot, he got banned for scamming several people including Ponte.
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  16. jbdubz

    jbdubz Active Member

    you shall be banned for speaking his name!!!! lol

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  17. collector

    collector Active Member

    That he will finish my stuff soon.
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  18. Viper

    Viper Member

    Sounds about right, right? :confused

    Raizo Fett Saw your thread. Yikes
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  19. zushikikato

    zushikikato Jr Member

    Sucks that he deactivated it despite him coming out to try and remedy things. Can anyone help me contact him? I'm still out of 5k. Anyone thinking about taking legal actions?
  20. zushikikato

    zushikikato Jr Member

    Bump! Need any help!
  21. zushikikato

    zushikikato Jr Member

    Can someone pm me Rick's number or address. I believe it is time to send him to small claims court
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  22. Flamechicken

    Flamechicken Jr Member

    Did you get Rick's contact info?
  23. Flamechicken

    Flamechicken Jr Member

    Update...after sending Rick a full commission over two years ago, I finally got my remaining pieces back (helmet, left gauntlet and knees). The bad part? All he did was lay the base silver down...AFTER OVER TWO YEARS.

    I haven't even asked about getting a refund, I'm just glad I can finally move forward with my display.
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  24. Viper

    Viper Member

    How were you able to get it back Flamechicken ?! That's so awesome to hear. Very happy for you. Hoping you can get your refund as well. Cheers
  25. kniveschau

    kniveschau New Member

    Anybody heard from Rick or gotten anything from him.? Been right at two years since I’ve attempted to contact him. I feel like I’ve given Rick enough time and hopefully things have gotten better for him. I thought I’d try and contact Rick and see if I can recover some money. I don’t think I have a good phone number for him tho.... any help on contact info would be appreciated. Pm me contact info-thanks

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