Scratchbuilding boba helm questions

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    Scratchbuilding boba helm questions

    Hey guys,as I have stated before i have one of those darned rbies helmets and cannot aford any of those awesome helmets that are circulating. I am thinking about scratch building but have some questions i know you guys can awnser.first off how arduous is it? I have created the jetpack, and gauntlets from scratch. How is it compared to those?second, how much am i looking at spending? i dont have a respirator so i cant use resin.third, Any pics of some scratch built helmets to give me hope!!!!thanks in advance

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    Re: Scratchbuilding boba helm questions

    I have done two scratch build helmets: 1st is from WOF's templates (this helmet is made with 2mm cardboard then filled with wall putty then sanded and painted by me) and 2nd is from my own templates (this helmet is also made with 2mm cardboard but I did't used wall putty, instead I did my own paint stencils to fit my own templates, then glued on the helmet, this way I have a finished helmet without using any 'foreign' material).

    1st cardboard helmet made with WOF's templates here
    2nd cardboard helmet made with my own templates here

    All templates and paint stencils are here

    Have fun!

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    Re: Scratchbuilding boba helm questions

    Thanks rafal you have been awesome man!

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    Re: Scratchbuilding boba helm questions

    I scratch built the helmet that I used to make the cast that this helmet came from p3210101-jpgp3210087-jpg
    I had made around 12 scratch builds then cast them then remade them to get to this but its doable, and nnow you can use Rafals templates that are alot closser to a real helmet shape than the WOFtemplates (as great as they are)
    Id also say as much as a nice helmet it can produce Id avoid paper use plastic card stock (I used plastic paint pots) and modifiy a bating helmet or a hard hat and you can make a nice helmet

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    Re: Scratchbuilding boba helm questions

    What about sintra? will that work instead of pots?

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