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hello master

your archives are amazing, i´m working on jango fett for myself, but there is no jet pack arena template´s

do you have this, what you can share ?

i´m very grateful for all your work , as you have been my great guide

(sorry for my inglish, i am from Chile)


I saw you EE-3 and it looks great!

Are you making the EE-3 (RotJ)? If so, I would love to have one.

Just and of course, How much will it be going for?

Brand new to this awesome forum, spending this time to read threads and study but I wanted to just say hey to anyone out there and that I'm happy to have found this neck of the woods!
Hello, I've been researching and everyone is pointing me in your direction. I'd like to order the HIC body parts molds of Han. Will you be making another batch of them soon ? Thank you in advance.
Amazing craftsmanship. Do you still have a spot available of a full commission ESB Boba Fett costume?
I've been wanting to have one for sooo many years. Your build is just amazing.
Hope for an answer
Best Regards
Hello sir, Hope this message finds you well.

Super excited to see cruzars armor back in the fold. Being a longtime customer of his, Please add me to whatever interest list you will have going for a full set of armor.

Thank you sir
Greetings, Im really interested in making a helmet build with your products be new to all this and wondering if there is a helmet material/type/style that when i buy could keep me from being able to use your products?

thank you in advance for your time.
Do you have a link to a store page? I prefer to have a house phone, so I havent had a smart phone in 10 years lol. I think that link is for a mobile link.
I don't have a website, the only thing I have is a facebook page, but I don't sell my kits through that very often. The best way is to message me here (send me a private message) and I can email you invoices and PDF guides and such.
Oh ok nice! Any concerns I should have moving forward with antenna selection and weight? I was really liking a 3d printed antenna topper as well i saw on the forums. (Rangefinder topper with oled made by Fi-8015).
Hey there! I'm working on my own Kal costume, and saw that you went through this process. I'm trying to source files for the knife and sheathe. Any ideas on where I should look?

I'm also a member of the 501st. TI-88215
Hi, I am new to the site but not the collecting. I was just curious as to how much your Mando armor is going for?