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Hey there. I was at celebration and saw a Jango Fett vest you made for a friend of mine. Are you still making these for members

Hey there! I too am interested in a Jango helmet kit! Will want to mod it into a The Mandalorian helmet...unless you make those already? ;) thank you
I was remiss in getting everyone's names while at celebration. But I wanted to thank you for making me feel welcome and talking things Fett.
Good day! For a month now I have been looking for where it is possible to order Bo Katan Jetpack. I heard that you can help, is this true?
Hello there,

Sent a message in our last feed of conversations, please let me know if you are available to assist with my Jango as I work to complete the project. Thanks.

Hi Sir, I'm interested in a Wookie brandds and ins a Girth Belt. Do you know when you're going to put both for sale. Thank you. Cheers -- Fran--
Hey there...I was looking at an old 2017 thread of a Jango fett Helmet you made. Are you still making them and what is your lead time like, materials etc. It looks like a really nice helmet. thanks!
Interested in coldcast Jango helmet - your name was recommended on the BHG forum, so I though't I'd write you and see!
Throw me a reply when you can/have time. :)
I'm having trouble getting the armour to fit my back. Any suggestions? It seems the space between my shoulder and the armour is too great.
Are you still making ROTJ spats? Not ready to order yet just researching where I might get them from if I need them. THanks