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Hi, I am new to the site but not the collecting. I was just curious as to how much your Mando armor is going for?
Are you still producing HIC parts? I would like to order anything you are still producing especially han himself. thanks
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Thank you. I am very new to this costume building and can see me getting addicted. My company does a Halloween contest for a local special needs school so our theme this year was StarWars so I had to try Boba.
Hey Seeker,
I am Also interested in a JF jetpack harness. Please let me know if you can help me out, thanks
Looking to purchase a chest light package but can’t connect to your website. Says domain is no longer active.
I had some problems with my ISP, but everything is good now. is reachable again.
New to the Mandalorian Merc club and looking for a template for a flak vest. Can't wait to get fully involved in all the areas of making my kit.
Hello was wanting to get a couple prices on a cape and also a set of the braids for a ESB Fett. Thanks
I’m interested in the flight suit. But don’t need the vest. Willing to separate?
Yeah, I'd also sell those pieces on their own. I've sent you a PM :)