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Hey there, I did a test shoot with my costume but I am still not satisfied with the armor attachement on the shoulders. I'll go back to them and once I figured out a better way to attach them I'll upload it :)

All the best!
The FreshMaker
The FreshMaker
Yeah I’m most unhappy with my shoulder attachments. They felt the loosest even with a ton of Velcro. Probly have the most movement of all the pieces in real life so I shouldn’t be surprised. Lol. Thanks for keeping me up to date. Your pics looked great btw.
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hi man, you have a fph2 for 250 right?? where are you located?
contact me on fb, my name is Tommaso Gabbianelli.
Sorry.. i dont have Facebook

Im located in the Netherlands
whats up??? ad me and if you can send me the pics of the helmet, my number is +393334772374 thank you
Currently building a pre beskar Mandalorian kit for my self. I’ve managed to build a rifle out of bits from my garage and I’m happy with it
Hello all, question. Any one find out what colors are being used for the newly paint armor version? I’m looking for what shade of green and red.
I'm also jedisushi over on the RPF, where I've been an active premium member for awhile now.
Hi MonCal,

Do you have or know where I can get one of the Zam Wesell aluminum blasters from the run you did a decade ago? I have been looking for a Zam Wesell blaster, and the one you made was definitely the best!

Here are some updated pictures of my prototype fett. I have to repaint the dental expander greeblie on the left vembrace gold, I check the photos on here for reference and didn't notice til I referenced famous fetts vembrace and noticed his was gold. I'm working on making everything functional and as accurate to the real thing as possible. I just recently scored some dental files from 01Hawk.


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