Zam Boots?


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I was wondering what you guys thought of these boots - ive had them in my 'Sell on Ebay' box for ages and i found them today and thought - hang on ... zam boots! lol

I thought i could cover the 'guess' on the middle strip with something to make it plain and maybe mark in some detail onto the plain soles - what do you think?
Hmmm.... I'd just have to ask how accurate you wanna go?

It's easy enough to slap some leather on the top for the lavender strips and the center brownish stripe - which is what most people would notice right off. But the soles of the boots aren't that close.

So... it just depends on what your plans are for your overall costume and how screen accurate you want to be.'s that for sitting on the fence? ;)
Yeah i see what youre seeing hehe :)

As i said though these are just like my canvas, i plan on working on the soles a lot and adding all the detail of the original boots like the diamond cross hatch. I think i can get them looking quite good.

I just cant afford pradas atm - to be honest i cant even find pradas with the right sole - all the ones ive seen are a lot lower than Zam

I'd love to be accurate as possible but id like to balance it against my cash.

I'll update photos when ive made them look super/wrecked them.
Okay just to show you what i mean ive used my amazing photoshop skills *cough* to do a little adaptation of these boots. Dont laugh! its just to show you what im going to do
I think only the die-hards around here would notice. In my opinion, as long as you convey the whole image well, people won't notice a varience in the smaller details.
My advice: keep an eye on Ebay, I found mine for only about $80, so that's not that expensive. Try to look for "Prada boots" or something, that's how I found mine.

Good luck finding a pair!

I think you got lucky Gaeriel :( If i managed to find a pair in my size for $80 id probably buy them but ive searched for and watched numerous pairs up for auction on ebay for about 4 months and only seen them go for about $180 :(

Thanx for the good wishes on finding a pair and maybe one day i will hehe :)
Nice - great deal! Ive seen a few pairs actually in the UK go for cheap - they all tend to be smaller sizes though and im a big foot lmao. I'm a UK 7/8

Ill certianly keep looking though :) Atm ill make do with what i have :)
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