You think this is ok armor?

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Saw this on ebay, and for 75 bucks, or even 150 it looks like a good deal. But before I make a possible ebay disaster, I figured I'd throw it to you guys to check the armor, I'm a Jango, so things about Boba might slip past me, at least in passing glances.


you shouldn't post to live auctions that arent your own, but anyway that does look like a nice set of armor to start out with.
That's my friend's auction. I have everything shown and can vouch for it. So far the only parts on my costume are the cod, the shoulder bells, the backplate and the knees. I need to get a new vest before I can add the other parts.

Its the same armor you see TK-409 wearing in his pics from Las Vegas. I love this armor and only see one real problem with it... the codpiece too short. It could stand to be 3 or 4 inches taller at the top.

For the price its really a great deal!
Looks like a nice set to me. Great to start out with. You will also be able to do all of your custom work to it to make a great set of armor. Sounds like a good price too.

I gave input to Todd along the way when he was sculpting this armor. He used the MoM pics to sculpt the individual pieces. There's also I nice thickness quality to them so that when they're painted up they look nice and solid.
It looks like Great armor to start with but if your doing jango you may not want to get it. Jango doesn't have all the dents and it may be frustrating to correct all of them. You could probably just bondo the dents and sand for a smooth finish.
Hope this helps. :)
Good luck.
whoops. :o My bad. Apparently we weren't reading very closely.

If it is for Boba then yeah it is a really good looking set especially for just starting out. We'd take it without need to upgrade for a while.
Again, sorry for the mix-up.
Good luck. :)
hehe. I may go for it after all. even if i don't start on it right away. I still plan on upgrading my jango, but figure that armor for 75 bucks doesnt' come around that often (if it does, please tell me, and save me the hassle with ebay)
Yes, this is a cool set. Bob's right though, the cod is too short. I talked to Todd yesterday and he said has has since added a few inches to the cod. I'll post a photo when it arrives. Collar is shaped well, the chest armor may need to be popped in the 350' oven for 60 seconds and pressed to your chest for a little better personally conforming shape. Backplate is great. Very nice thickness, edge and proportions. Dents all in the right places. Only the chest & collar armor can be seen below. After I took these photos, I heated it up and shaped it to my chest so it's not so flat, more pics coming next week. For reference, I'm 5'11", medium build.
(if needed, this thread can be delted)

Well in my own pondering, someone snapped it up with the buy it now. Guess I'll be waiting till later to start that Boba, probably a better thing.. I don't need to start spending vast amounts of money I dont' have quite yet.
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